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Tech Gadgets - Top New Devices 2015

Tech Gadgets - Top New Devices 2015
Electronics & Technology (author's page)
Tech Gadgets - Top New Devices 2015

New tech gadgets appear quite often and make us wonder how we could live without them earlier. Look at the list of 2015 coolest devices.

There are tons of new cool gadgets coming out every season. All the electronics companies try to invent something that will blow the mind of consumers.

Here are 10 new gadgets, both cool and useful, that appeared in 2015:

1. SyrenPro

It is a wireless weather-resistant outdoor Bluetooth speaker with TrueWireless Stereo pairing, which allows you create your own stereo system wirelessly using two speakers. The speakers can be plugged into an electrical outlet or run by rechargeable battery for up to four hours, so you can enjoy your music anywhere.


2. iFusion

This is an integrated communications docking station for the Apple iPhone. Combining the capabilities of many top-selling iPhone accessories into a single device, the iFusion utilizes built-in Bluetooth technology, a full duplex speaker phone and a patented ergonomic design to deliver superior voice quality that meets the requirements of today's home and business consumer.



It has extreme solid-state performance connected with USB 3.0, transfers rates up to 400MB/s. The drive comes with 512GB of storage capacity and is compatible with Mac OS 10.6, Windows 7, 8 and Vista.


4. Photo iPad Scanning Dock

This is the scanner that saves treasured photos directly to an iPad while it docks and charges the device. Controlled by a free app, the sheet-fed scanner makes it simple to preserve and share heirloom photos and documents as digital files.


5. NEC VE281 Mobile Projector

It is designed to provide high brightness for small-to-medium-sized businesses, education environments, corporate conference rooms and mobility applications where heavy ambient light is present but the space requires a small projector.


6. WOWee One Slim

It is a compact portable speaker unit which provides a full range frequency response. It is intended for use as both a fixed and portable solution for all iPod, iPad, mp3, mp4, mobile phone and computer applications. The unit is powered by an internal rechargeable battery and can deliver up to 10 hours of playtime per charge.


7. Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard

It is designed to be used with up to three devices, regardless of computing platform. You can work on your computer, and with the flick of the Easy-Switch dial, respond to a message on your smartphone or type a tweet on your tablet.


8. The Ring by Logbar Inc.

This ring lets you point and gesture to turn on the TV, switch off the lights, or launch an app on your smartphone.


9. Petcube

It is a monitoring camera that streams video to your phone and lets you communicate with your lonely or misbehaving animals.


10. Livescribe Echo Smartpen

This pen allows you to record audio while you’re taking notes, and then play them back later. You can save and share interactive notes to your computer, iPad or iPhone via a micro-USB connector that also allows you to recharge your pen.


Choosing one of these gadgets as a gift can become a tough choice, because what you want to do when you see these things? You want to buy them all!

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