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Luxurious Sports

Luxurious Sports
Sports (author's page)
Luxurious Sports

Sport is a good way to stay fit, to develop your personality or... to spend a lot of money!

Sport can be a quite costly hobby. To practice sailing, for example, you will have to spend millions, because professional boats are not cheap. Despite their high cost, luxurious sports are absolutely amazing and exciting!

On of the top luxurious sports is the horse riding. To buy and mentain a horse is quite expensive, in addition you should take hose riding lessons.



Another expensive sport is sailing, which is not surprising. The cost of a boat can achieve astronomical prices of hundreds of millions!



You have heard for sure about wingsuiting - an amazing sport enabling people to fly. This sport is on my list of luxurious sports because you have to pay for the equipment, lessons and rent a plane to get into the air!



The next luxurious sport is the pentathlon. It is so expensive because it includes five different sports: pistol shooting, swimming, show jumping, running and fencing!



Golf is usually associated with luxury and wealth, as the equipment and membership fees are expensive.



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