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How To Heat Your House

How To Heat Your House
Interior & Home Decor (author's page)
How To Heat Your House

Autumn and winter bring the necessity to warm up the house or office you live or work in. Here are the most popular appliances that help you keep your place warm.

Maintaining temperatures at an acceptable level is a very important part of keeping your house comfortable and making it a nice place. With high oil, gas and electricity prices always changing, it’s important that we heat our homes in the most efficient way. Using less energy is the best way to cut your bills, but this doesn't mean having to live in a cold, dark home. Heaters can be used as additional ones to the main heating system, or instead of it.There are many options and types of heating appliances, like electric heaters, gas heaters or kerosene heaters. It is good to define the way of heating you prefer for making your house warm: convector heaters, column radiators, oil filled radiators or oil free radiators. Heaters are divided into two main categories - fixed and non-fixed.

These are the most popular and widely used home heaters:

1. Electric Heaters

2. Gas Heaters

3. Fan Heaters

4. Micathermic Heaters

5. Radiant Heaters

6. Panel Heaters

7. Electric Fireplaces

8. Ethanol Fireplaces

Every one of these appliances has its own merits. The choice of the heater depends on the size of the room, the method of heating and the energy it consumes.

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