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American champion

Export Portal is a new secure e-commerce platform allowing you to buy and sell all kinds of products, including amphibious aircraft. Browse our assortment of aircraft such as American Champion, as well as other airplanes from certified manufacturers!

American Champion aircraft are created by the American Champion Aircraft Corporation, a manufacturer of general aviation aircraft, founded in 1988. American Champion aircraft represent strong and well built aircraft.

Check out our various models of amphibious aircraft from worldwide manufacturers.

Select the American Champion models that respond to your needs:

- American Champion 7EC Champ

- American Champion 7ECA/7GC Citabria

- American Champion 8GCBC Scout

- American Champion 8KCAB Decathlon

- American Champion 8KCAB Super Decathlon

- American Champion 8KCAB Extreme Decathlon

Sell and buy American Champion aircraft on Export Portal - your reliable and trustworthy export and import partner!