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Year 2019 - 2019
Price $17 - $18
Baked Goods

Baked Goods section on Export Portal welcomes sellers and buyers of bakery and pastry to connect to each other for successful business. Sell baked goods on our site, find customers worldwide. Buy baked goods here, get the best deals online!

Pastry products are ones of the tastiest goods in the world. They are eaten as desserts, snacks and holiday treats. Buy pastries and baked goods such as cakes, pies, tarts, quiches, cookies, scones, crackers, pretzels online on Export Portal, choose among a wide range of manufacturers and baked goods suppliers.

If you are going to open a baked goods store, shop for baking ingredients here: baking soda, yeast and dry yeast, food coloring, flavor concentrates, candy melts, decorating icing, candy crumble, coconut, all kinds of products are present on our listings.

Every country has its own baking traditions and sweets. Sell macaroons, brownies, croissants, buns and rolls, baklava, gluten-free baked goods, ginger biscuits, crisp bread, bread, fruit tarts, cupcakes online, increase pastry sales and profits with us!

Pastry and sweets are very popular gifts, especially for Christmas or Halloween. Sell bakery baskets, pound cakes, Panettone, sweets basket, pastry baskets, cookie baskets, sweets gift boxes, candy making supplies and other food products on Export Portal, expand your business worldwide!