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Year 2017 - 2018
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Canned Food

Canned food products are essential in every household. It is necessary when you go on trips in the woods or in the mountains. Canned food is an easy way to prepare meals and is eaten as the main dish or as an addition to it.

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Canned food is very helpful in cooking nowadays - the rhythm of life doesn't give us much time to cook at home on weekdays, canned food will be a good decision. Whether you're trying to include more veggies in your family's weekly meal plan, shorten your prep time with ready-to-use ingredients, or just stock up on non-perishable items, canned foods can satisfy every kitchen's needs. For a delicious salad that can even serve as a main course, combine fresh vegetables with canned tuna or canned salmon, or add a can of chicken or canned beans. Cook up a homemade soup by combining canned broth with canned vegetables and meat or beans, or add some fresh veggies to your favorite canned soup to give it a more home-cooked flavor. Making your own chili is easy with canned tomato puree, a can of beans, chili seasoning and a bit of water. Or add some canned meat or seafood to packaged mac and cheese for a comforting entree. Shop for canned food online on Export Portal, find all types and brands of tinned food.

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