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Year 2017 - 2019
Price $200 - $360

Wood charcoal is widely used as fuel. In this field it is better than wood because of its calorific value and its ignition temperature. In addition, wood charcoal causes less air pollution. Charcoal is widely used for outdoor grilling, barbecues and on camping trips. It is also used in metallurgy, as it is an ideal fuel for forges. 

Wood charcoal has the property to adsorb liquids and gases on its porous surface. As a result, it is used in water filters, gas masks and antigastric tablets, capsule or powder for people suffering from indigestion. Wood charcoal is also used as a decolourizing agent as it can adsorb colouring matter. It is used for decourizing sugar solutions, organic preparations, alcohol and petroleum products. 

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