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Year 2017 - 2017
Price $130 - $131
Construction Machinery

Construction machinery is one of the most demanded items of the international trade market. It is used by the leading construction companies all over the world. Sell construction machinery on Export Portal, create your B2B relationships whit people, who want to have strong partnerships, bid deals and constant profit. Buy construction machinery on our web page, get the best directly from international manufacturers, avoiding thousands of retailers and extra payment. 

Nowadays, the construction industry is considered to be the most developed and the most required but still the most unpracticed fields in terms of automation. The importance of construction machinery has grown rapidly in developed countries. In developing countries like India, the construction industries need automation technologies such as new machinery and mechanical appliances, electronics and automation for roads, tunnels, and bridge construction.

There are different types of construction equipment which facilitates the construction process, makes it rapid and qualitative. These are: 

1. Construction Equipments for Excavation and Loading

2. Construction Equipments for Compaction and Grading

3. Construction Equipments for Drilling and Blasting (These are special tunnel machines equipped with multiple cutter heads and capable of excavating full diameter of the tunnel. Their use has increasingly replaced the traditional methods of drilling and blasting.); 

4. Construction Equipments for Lifting and Erecting (Such machines are used to lift loads to great heights and to facilitate the erection of steel building frames. Horizon boom type tower cranes are most common in highrise building construction. Inclined boom type tower cranes are also used for erecting steel structures); 

5. Construction Equipments for Mixing and Paving (these machines are used to mix hard and soft products, as well as liquids for a short period of time);

6. Construction Tools and Other Equipments (such as drills, hammers, grinders, saws, wrenches, staple guns, sandblasting guns, and concrete vibrators).

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