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Export from Italy


Italy is dotted with local delicacies, the country being also famous for Italian fashion houses, Italian shoes, Italian leather, Italian luxury cars and more. Want to know more about these products? Travel with Export Portal on this journey through the best items Italy offers the world.

Italy's main and foremost export is undoubtedly an unmatched sense of style and design. And it is no coincidence. The art of making things beautifully and with care, has been passed down from generation to generation. One needs only to think of the brands like D&G, Armani or Ferrari to understand the power of superior quality, masterful design and originality of “Made in Italy” products on the international market.

Italy exports mostly machinery and equipment; metals and metal products; textiles and clothing; transport; food, beverages and tobacco. Italy's main export partners are Germany, France, the United States, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Here at Export Portal you have a great opportunity to delve into the most famous areas of the Italian lifestyle and industry: Italian Food, Italian Fashion, Italian Shoes, Italian Wine, Italian Cars, Italian Leather Products, Italian Furniture, Italian Bags and more.

Our goal is to make the excellence of Italian-made products accessible to the international market. Italian companies connect with consumers around the world by advertising their products globally with us. Buyers, interested in purchasing Italian products, can take advantage of great offers and discounts on products bearing the "Made in Italy" label.

Export Portal is happy you are here and we invite you to experience all, Italian exporters and manufacturers have to offer.


Import to Italy


Export Portal, one of the leading export/import platforms, helps Italian importers and global exporters develop buyer seller relationships. If you are interested in importing goods in Italy, Export Portal offers you business to business and business to customer resources for the international trade. Contact worldwide exporters and importers, find offers to buy, business opportunities and trade leads in Italy and over 200 countries of the world. You can also get the most complete and accurate information on products supplied by trusted sellers and manufacturers.

Italy's top imports are crude petroleum, petroleum gas, cars, packaged medicaments and refined petroleum. Italy's top import partners are Germany, France, China, the Netherlands and Russia.

With regard to Italy's imports and exports, the country holds the ninth position in the top of the biggest exporters in Europe. Products made in Italy are famous around the world with the country's unique brands, such as Benetton, Valentino, Prada, Alfa Romeo, FIAT, Lamborghini and Maserati. Thanks to these high-quality products, Italy has created an important niche in the international marketplace, especially in the countries where premium and superior products are in high demand. Among the main imports in the country are minerals, transport and energy products, nonferrous minerals as well as food, textiles, clothing and beverages. Italy has a strong lack of minerals and metals, it is mandatory for the country to import them to manufacture a broad range of goods.

Export Portal's mission is to make buying and selling online safe and easy for everyone. Browse company information from the comfort of your own office or your home and find trade related information in over 1000 product and motor sub-categories. Thousands of Italian importers and simple buyers have already used Export Portal to find trading companies, global exporters, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. 


Construction Materials and Engineering

When building and constructing something it is very important to have recourse to quality supplies and materials. That is why Building Materials have to be well selected as it is an asset for a lifetime. If you are planning to shop online for Building and Construction Materials of superior quality visit to buy the right items, from flooring and decoration materials to attic vents.

Export Portal supports you to find the best global building and construction material brands as well as to register your own brand with us. Browse our wide selection of bricks and tiles, building stones, ceiling items, cement products, decoration materials, floor items, kitchen system equipment materials, marble and stone products, paints and surface coating, roof materials, sauna bath equipment, wall coverings, wood items, lights and lightning and even more.

We offer those items every builder needs for a variety of spaces such as ceramic tiles, exterior doors, wood flooring, glass tiles, attic vents, corbels and others. When constructing do not forget about the necessary plumbing products such as water heaters, toilet parts, food disposers or electrical essentials. And for elevated building situations check out our reliable stepladders, multiple ladders, extension ladders or telescoping ladders. We will simplify your purchase decision by offering product's and seller's reviews.

 Export Portal is a hub of Construction Materials helping you to find a wide range of deals and special offers on building supplies.  

Customs requirements of Italy

Italy Customs Contacts


Address: Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli - Via Mario Carucci, 71 - 00143 Roma

Telephone: +39 06 50241


Italy is an European country, situated in the Mediterranean Zone, bordered by France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, San Marino and Vatican City. The country is a member of the European Union, the UN, the WTO, the Group of 7 and the Union for the Mediterranean. Italy has the 3rd largest economy in the Eurozone and the 8th largest economy in the world. 



Italy uses the harmonised trade system of the European Union, so that imports and exports follow the EC rules. Customs taxes are calculated ad valorem on the CIF value of the products, in conformity with the Common Customs Tariff of the EU. 

Customs tariffs vary from 0-17%, the average tariff being 4.2%. Italy applies customs duties to all imported products, but some products such as food, apparel and textiles are subject to higher tarrifs. 


Product certification, labelling and packaging

Certification, labelling and packaging follow the EU rules. 

Plant and animal products require health certificates (veterinary and public health certificates). Products such as agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, sports equipment, medical appliances,  electrical and electronic equipment, as well as toys must have the CE mark on them.

Labelling must follow the EU general requirements, but also the specific Italian rules, which include the presence on the label of:

  • name of the product
  • name and address of the manufacturer, packer, seller or importer in Italian
  • country of origin
  • ingredients in descending order of weight
  • metric weight and volume
  • additives by category name
  • special storage conditions
  • minimum shelf life date

In addition, labels in Italian are generally required. Products such as food, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and medicines, may require special marking and labelling.


Documents for import/export:

  • commercial invoice
  • custom value declaration 
  • bill of lading
  • packing list
  • certificate of insurance