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Export from Belgium


Belgium has a very open economy being heavily dependent on international trade. From year-to-year,world trade makes up 70 percent of the country's economy and it constantly ranks within the world's top 5 of exports and imports per capita. The country produces an impressive range of products exporting them to destinations worldwide. Thus when traveling to an exotic location it will be not unusual to find products made in Belgium there.

The products that constitute the lion’s share of Belgian exports are consumer and intermediate items including machinery and equipment, chemical products, and the list goes on with cars assembled in Belgium, plastics, pharmaceutical products, organic, chemical and metal products. The country is also the world's biggest exporter of diamonds and carpets. Belgium's list of worldwide famous products also includes chocolate and margarine, vegetable fibres, glass and non-alcoholic drinks.

Due to the fact that Belgium's main trading partners are in the European Union, goods and products from EU countries enter Belgium without any tariffs and duties. But products from countries outside of the EU face import duties and a value-added tax.

Being the home to the headquarters of the European Union and over 100 international organizations, Belgium represents a unique perspective on foreign trade and global markets. The country has also significant influence on trade.

Here are the advantages for the U.S. businesses exporting to Belgium:

  • strong and stable trade relationship;

  • English is widely spoken;

  • population with a high disposable income;

  • excellent transport network;

  • strategic location;

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Import to Belgium


Thanks to its central location in the European continent, Belgium's trade is the hallmark of all its activities. Belgium's international trade has been prospering thanks to the country's well developed transportation network, diverse industrial and commercial base.

On the other hand as Belgium must import a considerable amount of raw material to flourish, the country relies densely on imports and thus is exposed to global market volatility.

Belgium imports mainly machinery and equipment, chemical products, diamonds, pharmaceutical products, food, transportation equipment and oil products. The country's top import partners are: European Union members (Germany, Netherlands, France, UK, Ireland) , United States and China.

Brussels is a great place to start up your export/import business. Here are the advantages that can be won from the company's presence in Belgium's market:

  • Belgium is leading world trade partner. In 2004 the country was the ninth world importer of merchandise products.

  • Being the decision making centre Belgium is the political hub of the European Union.

  • Belgium is also home to the headquarters of numerous other international institutions.

  • The country is the most strategically located nation in the EU that reaches the consumer market of 370 million Europeans.

  • The other advantage of exporting/importing to Belgium is favourable tax regime. Belgian system if fiscal tax is modern and well-developed.

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Customs requirements of Belgium

Belgium Customs Contacts



Address: Regional Directorate Brussels/ Kruidtuinlaan 50 1000, BRUSSELS 

Telephone: +32 257 624 50 


Belgium is a country located in Western Europe. Its is bordered by Germany, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands. Belgium is a member of the EU and Eurozone, NATO and World Trade Organization. It is a developed country with a high income economy. 



As a member of the EU, Belgium exports and imports are standardized by the European Commission Regulations. A Common External Tariff is applied to non-EU countries. Import tariffs are relatively low, with 4.2 percent for industrial products and manufactured goods and 17.3 percent for textiles and food products.


Product certification, packaging, labelling

Certification, labelling and packaging correspond to EU standards.

Packaging must satisfy all EU standards, inclusively the requirements regarding the reduction of the impact of packaging on the environment.

Products such as toys, electrical equipment, machinery, medical devices and personal protective equipment must have a CE mark on them.

The label must satisfy all EU requirements and contain the following information product name, ingredients, net quantity, date of minimum durability, special conditions for keeping or use, name or business name and address of the manufacturer (packager or importer), country of origin, alcohol content for beverages containing more than 1.2% by volume, lot identification.


Documents for export/import

  • Pro-forma invoice
  • Commercial invoice (name and address of buyer and seller, method of packing, number of containers, description of the merchandise (including HS description), net and gross weight, freight, insurance and other charges)
  • Bill of lading (To Order bill is acceptable)
  • Packing List
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Insurance certificate
  • Simplified Export Certificate (for wine only)