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Year 2010 - 2019
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Home Textiles

Home textiles choice can have a huge influence on the style of the house or office. It is important to buy home textiles to underline interior design and add a special air to the living space. Export Portal offers a diversity of home textiles items such as bed sheets, table covers, towels, pillows and drapery.

Home textiles products are necessary to create the atmosphere of the house - soft, fluffy, and cozy, or elegant and classy. To set up a good look, you can shop home textiles that make a good combination with other textile items and furniture. For example, if you buy curtains, they should also match with chair covers, or table napkins

Cushions and cushion covers, baby textiles and children's textiles - all these products are available here to add comfort and style to your home. Buy bed linen, quilts and bedspreads which will become irreplaceable decoration subjects in your everyday life.

There exist a large variety of home textiles to fill up your house with comfort: duvets to keep you warm, pillows to soften the space, and bedding sets to make the room look unique. Bed linen is the easiest way to give your room a fresh look. Bed sheets texture can help with a good night sleep, to keep you cool or warm at night. Blankets and throws will add warmth and color to your home. 

Export Portal is a great place to buy online home textiles and connect to buyers and sellers all over the world. It covers a wide range of patterns in many styles, all types, materials and colors. Choose Export Portal to buy and sell home textiles online.