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The Jet department is one of the fastest on Export Portal with its flying machines. The jet aircraft is based on jet engines. It is a reaction engine that discharges a fast moving jet of fluid to generate thrust by jet propulsion. Jets based on rockets or steam engines were used to power gliders invented by the ancient Greeks. 


This broad definition of jet engines includes turbojets, turbofans, rockets, ramjets, pulse jets and pump-jets. In general, most jet engines are internal combustion engines, but non-combusting forms also exist.


Jet-powered aircraft have existed as experimental models or designs on paper since the earliest days of aviation. British and German engineers turned more attention to the development of jet aircraft, when aviation had proven so vitally important. The first practical plane to be fully powered by jet engines was the German Heinkel He 178 in 1939. Meanwhile, the first Italian-designed jet, the Campini N.1, first flew in 1940 and the British Gloster E.28/39 had been proven in test runs in 1941. The United States entered the jet race with its Bell XP-59 in 1942. And jets would be important to the Korea thereafter. Commercial jet service began in the early 1950s and today jets are used for the majority of medium- and long-distance flights around the world. The latest generation fighter jets are US’s Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, Chinese Shenyang J-31, Russian Sukhoi T-50, Indian HAL AMCA and Japanese Mitsubishi X-2 Shinshin as examples. The nowadays fastest commercial passenger airlines are Boeing 747-8i, Boeing 747-400, Airbus A380, Boeing 787 and Boeing 777 and the fastest private are Cessna Citation X+Gulfstream G650, Dassault Falcon 7X and Bombardier Global 6000.


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