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Year 2010 - 2010
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Other Home Textiles

Home textiles refer to the textiles used for home furnishing. It comprise of extensive range of functional as well as decorative items or products used mainly for the purpose of decorating homes. Textile home furnishing fabrics or home textiles consist of both natural and man-made fabrics and cone in different styles, colors and sizes.

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The textile fabrics most commonly used in home furnishing are: silk fabric; cotton fabric; jute fabric; rayon fabric; wool and animal hair fabric; nylon fabric; polyester fabric; plastic fabric; leather fabric; satin fabric; organza fabric; organdy fabric.

The quality of home textiles depends directly on the technique, used for its production. The most popular are: printing; embroidery; weaving; coloring; stitching; hand made.

Home textiles include a wide range of products, such as: home furnishing fabrics; bedclothes; blankets; pillows and pillow covers; cushion and cushion covers; carpets and rugs; wall hangings; different types of towels; table covers and napkins; kitchen linen and other kitchen accessories; bathroom accessories.

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