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Rubber and Rubber Products

Looking for a website to buy or sell rubber products? Export Portal is the right place to perform all types of deals with ease and profit! This page gives you a possibility to buy rubber right from the manufacturer, or to become a trader and sell rubber worldwide!

Rubber is one of the most wonderful materials, that occurs naturally. It can stretch to incredible sizes and then return to the original shape. The rubber was first cultivated by native people in Central America and the West Indies. Rubber, nowadays, is widely used: rubber sheets, rubber seals, rubber parts, rubber gloves, rubber rings. Almost every item you can touch right now, might have at least a piece of rubber. Also rubber is more eco-friendly than many people thought, because it might be reused for a lot of times. After the invention of the car, the demand for rubber rose to make tires. Because there wasn't enough coming from rubber plantations, scientists began to experiment and made chemical rubber. It is called latex (used to male latex gloves), silicone (used to make footwear) and neoprene (used to make wet suits). About 50% of the global quantity of rubber comes from China, India and Malaysia. Other main exporters of rubber are Indonesia and Vietnam.

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