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Export Portal is one of the largest international online boat markets with new and used sailboats, sailing yachts and other boats for sale in the USA and worldwide. Thus you can buy a sailboat from international boat dealers and yacht dealers and then import the boat into the United States or any other country across the world.

Sailboats and sailing yachts of all brands and kinds find their buyers at Export Portal Motor Department. We feature a wide range of classic sailboats, cruiser sale boats, ketches, motorsailers, racers, sloops, yawls and even more. Preowned or new sailboats, cheap or exclusive sailing yachts, buy or sell – benefit from the extensive offer of sailing yachts on Export Portal.

To find a sailboat of your dream, you can refine your search results by using filterssuch as condition, color, electrical equipment, fuel type, horsepower, sails, salon and others. Or consult boat and seller reviews to make the right boat-buying decision. Sell and buy boats from best brands: Catalina, Dehler, Dufour, Hylas, Catana, Outremer, Contest, Alerion, and the whole list of other manufacturers.

Export Portal is your online source for all your boating needs with hundreds of new and used boats for sale.