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Spa Supplies

Are you running a spa business or desiring to create a personal spot for relaxation and meditation at home? Then you will need a range of specific spa supplies to create the necessary atmosphere and provide all the equipment needed for this. Whatever the purpose - you are in the right place to shop for salon spa supplies of the best quality provided by the sellers of all around the globe for your convenience.

When your spa or salon needs supplies, equipment and furniture, why not shop at the one place that has it all? We search the globe to bring you innovative products that will deliver exceptional results and maximize your success. Remember, ordering all of your supplies from a single vendor reduces shipping costs, saves time and reduces labor costs. By offering you the largest selection in the industry, we make your single supplier choice easy. Our goal is to deliver innovative spa, hair, nail, tanning and best quality beauty products to maximize your success. 

Export Portal is a grand wholesale source for day spa supplies, med spa, salon supplies, massage products, manicure supplies, pedicure supplies, sunless tanning & UV tanning, spa equipment and spa furniture at great prices. Our goal is to offer the largest, quality selection of supplies, equipment and furniture to salon and spa professionals that incorporate all of their treatment room and service needs. 

You can supply your business with all of the necessary products for a home spa salon shopping online with Export Portal. Here you will find all the necessary accessories and beauty spa supplies, like bath salts and body scrubs, body cleansers, body powder, body treatments, bubble bath and body oils, foot care, hand care, kits & sets, moisturizers and more! Choose from a range of aromatherapy spa supplies for every taste, waxing supplies for maximum effect and various medical spa supplies at a wholesale online. 

Our collection of bath and spa products will turn your home bathroom into your own personal retreat in no time. With our luxurious fragrances, cleansing masks, exfoliating body washes, anti-aging creams and conditioners, it's never been easier to treat yourself to a relaxing and refreshing spa day! Browse bath products and skin care kits from elite brands. From lotion warmers to eye masks, you can purchase all your spa treatment supplies here.  Export Portal presents you the largest selection of salon products and spa treatment accessories, everything you need to help your client or yourself feel rejuvenated and refreshed.  Don't see what you need?  Let us know and we will try find it for you!