Cookie Policy

A cookie represents a small piece of data that is sent to the user’s device by a website or an app. It allows you to recognize a device or browser and gather stateful information regarding its actions on your site. This data typically contains details about the clients' visit to a web page, as well as any information they have volunteered, such as name, interests and browsing history.

Types of information we gather:
In order to provide clients with better user experience and to recognize them easier, Export Portal is using cookies. We are collecting the following information:

  • Customer log-in
  • Country/Location
  • Page history and time spent on a particular page
  • Product interests

This allows us to provide you with product recommendations, display personalized content, recognize you as a member and provide other customized features and services.

The role of cookies is beneficial: they make your interaction with Export Portal smoother with no extra effort. We use cookies to track and analyze the activity of our visitors to understand our new and returning clients better and implement fixes and improvements based on their consumer behavior. Cookies allow us to recognize returning clients when they sign in and track their preferences.

The most important data we get access to is saved and used to conduct research on improving Export Portal’s services. Based on the analysis made and its results we can:

  • Diagnose and correct bugs and errors on the website
  • Improve user experience
  • Allow users to opt-out of certain types of services/items
  • Prevent the abuse or misuse of our services.

Please keep in mind that your information is kept for as long as it is needed to perform the above-mentioned services. After this, we delete it from our database.

For privacy reasons, you may want to restrict cookies when visiting a website. In order to opt out of cookie-related activities, you need to make changes on your account settings page. Cookies may be required for certain functionalities, and by blocking these cookies, you may limit your access to certain parts or features of our site. Export Portal may not work properly, and you may have diminished functionality if you restrict certain cookies.


Cookies Explanation

Name Domain Description
ep_r This cookie is meant for keeping you signed in when you repeatedly access the website.
viewed_request_ This cookie is used for saving information about the user’s viewed B2B requests.
currency_code These cookies are used to save all of the information about the established currency on the website.
_ep_ref This cookie is used for saving information about the user’s referrer.
_ep_view_producing_request_status These cookies are used for saving the information about user’s chosen option to view or not the next step guide for: estimate, inquiry, offer, order, producing request.
ep_compare This cookie is used for storing the information about the products which were added for comparison.
_ep_view_notify This cookie is used for displaying the information about unread notifications.
_ep_new_notify This cookie is used for displaying information about new notifications.
_ep_popup_ This cookie is used for identifying if the user has seen a specific questionnaire.
_ulang This cookie is used for saving the language (ISO2 code) the user chose.
_ep_activation_popup This cookie is used for saving information about the user’s chosen option to view or not the next step guide for the verification process.
_ep_popup_cookie This cookie is used for saving information about whether the user accepted or not the cookies consent policy.
ANALITICS_CT_TA These cookies are used for building a profile of users’ interests. They are based on uniquely identifying user’s browser and internet device.
_ep_utz This cookie is used for saving information about the user’s time zone.

Third party services cookies

Name Domain Description
Stripe Stripe - Credit Card payment system, uses cookies for the following purposes: To Operate Payment Services(Authentication, Fraud Prevention and Detection), To Analyze and Improve Payment Services, For Better Advertising. To read more about How Stripe use Cookies click here.
Google Analytics Statistic cookies help website owners to understand how visitors interact with websites by collecting and reporting information anonymously.
Google Analytics (GA) is Google’s SaaS product for collecting, storing and analysing web traffic data to help us understand how people are using our website.
To read more about How Google Analytics use Cookies click here.