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Why use Export Portal?

- By choosing Export Portal, you open up your business to unlimited opportunities for expansion. When you’re a registered user on our website, you can interact with other businesses around the world. 

- As a seller, your products will be displayed in the virtual showroom for potential buyers looking for new merchandise to purchase. 

- As a buyer, millions of products are available for purchase at your fingertips. All sellers are verified, registered businesses.

- As a shipper, Customer purchase products internationally at Export Portal every single day. Sellers need professional international shippers and forwarders to get their items to the corresponding buyers. From a database full of orders, you can send quotes to sellers for the items you want to ship. The buyers will decide which quote to use. We designed this process so your business can grow and succeed.

- To ensure buyers are protected and easier international transits. Export Portal offers full assistance to their users during a transaction.

How does Export Portal ensure the security of International trade transactions?

Efforts have been made to ensure transactions are as fair as possible, which includes safeguards, for the parties involved. By requiring Buyers to pay upfront and verifying the Seller’s shipment, we ensure parties are equally protected. If complications arise on either front, we will work with both parties to find an agreeable solution.

What is a Certified Seller?

A Certified Seller is an upgraded seller status. To upgrade, the registered seller needs to meet the following conditions: 

1. Hold a business license

2. Have an existing customer base

3. Provide financial statement

4. Provide number of employees

5. Provide clear proof of production capacity


By becoming a Certified Seller, you get more buyers, sell more products, get more exposure, and receive a free EXIMA membership. You can also share all your products among all Export Portal partner sites around the world.

Does Export Portal ship internationally?

We work with top-notch businesses when it comes to international transits. Registered shippers and freight forwarders are standing by to offer you the lowest price to ship merchandise, so you can be certain that you are getting the best service for the lowest price.

How does Export Portal ensure sellers are paid and buyers receive the product?

After buyer completes the transaction and pays the total invoice, the money will be held by Export Portal (serving as an escrow). The seller will then receive a payment confirmation, the product will be inspected and shipped. The buyer will receive tracking number and documents from the shipper once the product is shipped. When the buyer receives the product, the seller will get paid. 

Can Export Portal handle the big, industrial orders of materials or machineries?

Yes. All of our registered shippers and freight forwarders have to fill out a form stating their maximum container capacities. So, there certainly will be shipping experts that can ship the items you are selling. You will find the perfect shipper that will fit your big, industrial orders.

I am new in the export and import business. How can Export Portal help me understand the industry better?

Please visit our security, about us, and library page. They will contain all the information you need to get in to the export and import industry. You can also contact us directly by Export Portal’s phone number +1 (818) 691-0079 or email, and we will be happy to answer any additional questions.

You can also visit our business partner’s website www.Exima.com. There you will find information including: international business laws, financial background of countries, and educational materials to help you have a better understanding of the export and import industry. 

Who takes care of the paperwork for each international trade transaction?

The buyer and seller will have to complete all the paperwork themselves. However, Export Portal will provide 100% customer support and provide important information when it comes to customs. For additional information, you can refer to our legal service and library

Does Export Portal have legal assistance?

We work alongside a network of legal professionals in multiple countries to ensure each transaction is in complete compliance with the countries’ business and customs regulations. 

How does Export Portal stay in compliance with changes in the law?

Our network of legal professionals is constantly monitoring the changes within international law. Once a law has been finalized and in effect, our legal professionals will then update our policy along with our terms and agreement.

How can I report a problem with a seller or a buyer?

Buyers and sellers can securely communicate with each other on Export Portal. During the process, both parties can ask each other important questions, settle disputes, and other communication functions. If dispute persists after buyer and seller negotiations, Export Portal will mediate and find a common ground where both parties involved are satisfied.

How can Export Portal guarantee the products sold on its website have standard quality control?

Users on Export Portal can request their own product inspection report. These reports will be written by an inspection agency verified by the International Federation of Inspection Agencies. The reports will be given to the user before any further business transaction is performed. Inspection agencies are searchable on Export Portal’s website by country of business, services offered, and pricing. 

What are your fees?

These are the selling fees for Sellers and Manufacturers on Export Portal: https://www.exportportal.com/page/sellerfees

These are the fees for Shippers on Export Portal: https://www.exportportal.com/page/shipperfees 

What is Export Portal's mission?

Export Portal’s mission is to simplify business anywhere in the world. By being the hub of global business, we provide sellers the necessary space for their products to reach a wider audience. This helps buyers find products faster and more efficiently.

When was Export Portal founded?

Export Portal was launched in 2011, though our team of founders spent five years developing the website from a simple idea. Learn more about our platform’s history here: https://www.exportportal.com/about/our_story

Why is the company called "Export Portal"?

As part of our mission to simplify international trade, we felt it fitting that our portal centered around exports have a name that is both descriptive and easy to remember.

Where is Export Portal headquartered?

Export Portal is headquartered in beautiful Glendale, California.

Where are Export Portal’s offices located?

Export Portal’s office is located in beautiful Glendale, California, though our goal is to open offices in major port cities around the world.

How do I learn about job openings at Export Portal?

For a list of job openings at Export Portal, please refer to the vacancies section on our Executive Team page: https://www.exportportal.com/about/team

How does the Brand Ambassador program work?

Our Brand Ambassador program recruits individuals with connections to agencies and government officials in their countries. These individuals use their connections to represent Export Portal and open more markets for our platform, bringing in small and medium enterprises from around the world who will then utilize the resources we offer to expand their businesses. In turn, our Brand Ambassadors are compensated in a well-structured revenue-share model that allows candidates to showcase their ambition and desire to integrate a segment or an entire economy into the global marketplace.

How may I apply to be your ambassador in my country?

To apply as a brand ambassador for your country, please follow the steps and fill out the necessary fields on our application smart sheet

What is Export Portal doing to help the community?

In addition to offering an archive of blogs highlighting ecommerce solutions and developing trends, we also provide a wealth of beneficial services for members. Learn more about the features we offer here

What is Export Portal’s core business?

Our core business is the facilitation of international trade between buyers, sellers, shippers, and manufacturers. You can learn how we accomplish this by viewing our comprehensive framework

Who are Export Portal's customers?

Our customers, much like our partners, are small and medium businesses from around the world. Seeking to expand their businesses, and drawn by the transparency our proprietary blockchain technology enables for all transactions, many enterprises utilize our platform to connect with sellers and shipper they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to work with on their own. Out network prides itself on facilitating B2B partnerships between international companies.


What do you mean when you refer to the "Export Portal Ecosystem"?

The “Export Portal Ecosystem” is the goal of our platform, a space where global businesses are free to transact amongst each other while ensuring that distance, differences in time and laws, and principles and concepts are managed digitally in the shortest time possible.

How does Export Portal grow its business?

In addition to attracting investors interested in taking part in the fourth industrial revolution to support our platform, Export Portal representatives also attend trade events held in countries around the world. Our staff works with local and developing businesses in these countries to spread awareness and build partnerships, while our brand ambassadors work with agencies and government officials to further open markets and keep us abreast of changing politics and regulations. It is this focus on cooperation and mutual benefit that helps our platform and its members share in growth and success.

What is Export Portal’s long-term strategic goal?

Export Portal’s long term strategic goal is to establish a platform for the advancement of small and medium sized enterprises (SME) involved in international trade. SMEs account for nine tenths of all businesses in the world, they provide two thirds of all jobs, and produce half of global GDP. Yet despite contributing so much as a whole, individually they are often too small and ill-equipped to achieve their full business potential. It is with these details in mind that Export Portal set out to create a safe global marketplace where buyers, sellers, shippers, and manufacturers can access the resources to conduct business with full confidence. By bringing together international professionals on the same network, backed by innovative blockchain technology, we can pioneer ecommerce solutions and overcome the issues of counterfeit traders and unsecure data that plagues this industry. Quite simply, Export Portal’s goal is to give small businesses a place where they can work together to grow together.

How do I contact your customer service team?

If you experience any issues, you can easily call or email our Customer Service team to assist you here

How do I register?

Register your business on Export Portal here: https://www.exportportal.com/register


Registration is quick and easy, here is a helpful tutorial on the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pw4fDrpiVW0

How long after accreditation is approved can I expect to receive an activation link?

An activation link will be emailed to you within 2 to 3 business days.

How long will it be before I receive an activation link for my buyer account?

An activation link will be emailed to you within 2 to 3 business days.

Can I export/import with no license?

No, only business licensed professionals are allowed to join or transact on our platform.

I am not able to login to my account

If you experience this issue, please call or email our support team to assist you here: https://www.exportportal.com/contact

When is my account going to be usable?

Your account will be usable once it the verification process has been completed.

How do I get approved?

Once all documentation has been verified by our review team, you will receive an email informing you that your account is now active.

What are the next steps when you are verified?

Once an account is verified, the next priority would be to finalize the profile. Your Export Portal profile is like an international business passport, it will act as the face of your company on our platform. As such, it is best to make it as professional as possible. Add your company’s logo and banner image, description, location, contact information, and other such details in the provided fields. Once this is complete, buyers may begin browsing the available items and making purchases, sellers can begin uploading high quality images of their products with descriptions, and shippers can connect with transacting parties in need of their services. Visit our User Guide for more tips on how to set up your profile: https://www.exportportal.com/user_guide

What if I forget my password?

If you experience this issue, please call or email our support team to assist you here: https://www.exportportal.com/contact

What is Export Portal’s Blockchain?

Blockchain itself is a sort of decentralized ledger technology, allowing connected parties to distribute data without risk of it being corrupted or hacked.


International trade involves so many parties sending so many documents between one another, most of it crossing multiple borders and time zones, that even small errors can cause massive confusion for everyone involved, leading to costly slowdowns while attempts are made to correct the issues. Of course, this is when procedures are being run legitimately, as illegal operations take full advantage of cumbersome supply chains and paper trails in order to mask their fraudulent actions.


As such, blockchain technology is the most efficient solution to innovating the international trade industry. Export Portal is developing our own proprietary blockchain network so that buyers, sellers, shippers, and manufacturers on our platform can easily and efficiently track and manage their transactions. Not only will we be able to avoid miscommunications, but we will also preserve accurate data for our experts to review, thereby identifying key problems and developing solutions in a more timely manner.


Increasing transparency and accountability between our registered members is just one of the many ways Export Portal is achieving our goal of improving the import export industry.

How is Export Portal different from other trade hubs?

What sets Export Portal apart is that our platform is designed specifically around the education and expansion of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).


While other Trade Hubs may offer a platform for international traders, they often charge substantial fees while providing little in the way of legal assistance or member protection. However, Export Portal seeks to connect SMEs from around the world with each other and with the resources they need to expand their businesses.


Not only do we charge lower fees, but we are also developing blockchain technology to provide our members with the latest innovative tools to perform their operations at peak efficiency. Our B2B Partnership Matchmaking algorithms will also create solutions to common networking issues and provide greater opportunities for all our registered members across the international trade industry. However, Export Portal’s services go beyond simply streamlining the supply chain. Our platform has systems in place to directly assist our members in every step of a transaction from beginning to end, so that even inexperienced entrepreneurs can navigate their way to building a better business. In addition to maintaining easily accessible data between all parties in one place for ease of business, our team of experts also assist in the creation of marketing strategies for our members’ products to help them capitalize on select demographics and maximize profits on niche merchandise.


On top pf all that, our partner association Exima (add hyperlink https://exima.com/en#about ) offers access to legal experts and trade specialists, so developing companies can keep up to date and stay protected in an ever-changing industry like trade.


Through the combination of all these services, resources, information, and expertise, Export Portal is able to not only stand above other trade hubs, but to give SMEs the platform they require to stand out in the import export industry.

What sort of security does Export Portal offer?

Export Portal offers a variety of security services and procedures in order to protect our members. First and foremost, by uniting all parties and their information on one platform, we limit outside interference and therefore cut down on the majority of potential errors that threaten more complicated deals. Through the use of our proprietary blockchain technology, we are capable of preventing illegally distributed data, falsified information, fraudulent practices or accounts, as well as general loss and theft that other global trade hubs cannot correct. In addition to offering increased accountability and transparency, our partnerships with accreditation institutions across the globe ensures that only verified professionals gain access to our protected ecosystem, and that all payments and transfers are protected for your peace of mind. Learn more about the protections we have in place here: https://www.exportportal.com/security


How does Export Portal support Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)?

Export Portal offers a wide variety of useful resources to help SMEs expand their businesses, as providing solutions to common problems they face is what our business is based around. Although SMEs contribute so much to the global economy as a whole and their local economies in particular, on their own they so often lack the resources and funding needed to perform as efficiently as they could. The tools and services our global trade hub provides its members helps them to avoid fraudulent companies while navigating the complex procedures involved in working with legitimate businesses.


End to end transactions are typically costly endeavors, but Export Portal members avoid overpaying third parties when conducting international transactions on our platform, as our ecosystem offers hand holding support throughout the entire transactions process. We do more than simply give them a platform to stand on, we reinforce them with expert advice on a variety of subjects in our blogs, offer access to legal specialists when requiring their services, provide a B2B Matchmaking Algorithm to assist in connecting with the most lucrative partners, help members save on marketing through our own promotions programs, and all immediately available after completing a simple and smooth onboarding process.


By enabling SMEs to seize opportunities they couldn’t take advantage of on their own, their success goes on to influence their local economies, such as hiring more staff and thereby improving the employment rate in their region. It is through assisting on small scales that Export Portal and SMEs can play their role in improving the world.

How does Export Portal support Niche Markets?

Export Portal’s extensive search categories and country-targeted classifications ensures even the most specific products can be located by those who seek them, assisting entrepreneurs to capitalize on niche markets.


What partnerships does Export Portal have with accreditation institutions?

Export Portal has partnered with accreditation institutions in multiple countries. By plugging agencies with expertise on both local laws and local businesses into our network, we ensure that verifications, certifications, and collaborations of our members will be performed as efficiently as possible, all the while continuing our mission of advancing small and medium enterprises.


View the complete list of accreditation institutes and select the best one for your country here: https://www.exportportal.com/library_accreditation_body/all


Contact us to partner your agency with Export Portal: Partner@exportportal.com

What partnerships does Export Portal have with financial Institutions

Export Portal is continuously building connections with international financial institutions to assist in our 100% Escrow Payment Guarantee (1EPG) program, which safeguards the payments involved in transactions on our platform. In addition, we are always seeking venture capitalists to invest both in our platform and the members who utilize it. Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) face a 56% trade finance rejection rate, meaning many are unable to secure the necessary funding to hire more staff or purchase more resources when approached with large orders they cannot complete at their current size.


By bringing third party financial institutions into our network, we can connect eager banks, financial institutions, or loan processors with the parties in need of their capital, thereby increasing operations and portfolios for all involved. What’s more, our blockchain ecosystem will ensure all documents and payments are trackable and accounted for, preventing fraud while also securing all data for analysis afterwards.

What do freight forwarders gain from joining Export Portal?

Export Portal provides a wealth of B2B opportunities and digital resources to freight forwarders. Our proprietary blockchain technology offers total transparency on the legitimacy of merchandise being moved, as well as shipping and custom clearance procedures, with all necessary documentation available in one easily accessed digital ledger to prevent missing or forgotten forms.


Our network also offers a guaranteed supply of orders to bid on, with buyers and sellers eager for shippers to move the products from the many transactions they make on our platform. Register your freight forwarder business with Export Portal here: https://www.exportportal.com/register/shipper

Why do I need to submit documents, how does Export Portal ensure the documents are secure?

With so many technical documents required in the registration and verification process, Export Portal understands your apprehension. However, we need to be thorough in order to ensure that only legitimate professionals join our network and receive its benefits. Our legal team takes utmost care when handling these sensitive documents, checking them through the relevant government databases of the country in which the business claims to be based.

What are the guidelines for product images and descriptions?

Product images must be clear, preferably high resolution, photos of the products you are listing for sale. Likewise, descriptions must be accurate and informative accounts of the product. Export Portal forbids the inclusion of links or contact information within the images or descriptions. Review more user guidelines on our Terms and Conditions page: https://www.exportportal.com/terms_and_conditions/tc_terms_of_use

What is the difference between being Verified and being Certified?

Verified sellers and manufacturers have had their submitted credentials authenticated by our team and are granted access to transact with other buyers, sellers, and shippers on our platform. In order to maintain a high level of professionalism on our global trade hub, all members must be verified before they can conduct any business.


Certified accounts pay a fee and submit additional documentation which, once authenticated, enables them access to a greater amount of services and benefits. These benefits include featuring their products on the Export Portal main page and social media accounts, as well as advanced portfolio options like itemized production capacity and company development/expansion planning, and Priority Pass, a feature which grants their orders and support requests higher precedent in the Export Portal pipeline.


Additionally, certified accounts receive an exclusive Export Portal asset package containing logos and badges to place on their account pages as well as their personal websites and social media. The badges will have a custom number unique to the certified account, allowing customers who see that number outside export portal to enter that number on our site and quickly locate the certified account it corresponds to.


Features like these increase browsers’ trust in certified accounts, attracting both wider customer bases as well as broader B2B partnership opportunities, which is perhaps the most important benefit of certification. Don’t let your business get left behind, apply for certification today!


For a comparison of documentation required for Verification and Certification, click here: https://www.exportportal.com/about/seller_verification


For a comparison of benefits offered for Verification and Certification, click here: https://www.exportportal.com/about/certification_and_upgrade_benefits


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