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$ 1.25
1.25 USD
/ Carton
*Real price for payment is $ 1.25
$ 30.00
192 Kg
  • Departure point:Belgium, Bilzen
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Food and Agricultural Produce Beverages and Spirits
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Product information

  • Brand:BlueBerry Beer


We sell regional Belgian products, with a focus on unique, gourmet and specialty items not normally available in average supermarkets or grocery shops. We recently create our own brand of Blueberry beer, Bert’s Blueberry Beer, and we are currently looking to team up with distributors for this product. This beer is artisanal and made with high quality ingredients to ensure maximum quality and authentic taste. This product is indeed all-natural, and it is made by following a traditional high fermentation method, by adding a higher concentration of fresh blueberry juice (up to 30%!). This process allows sugars in the blueberries to ferment naturally, making the beer sugar-free, as well as free of coloring or artificial flavors. The test is very distinctive, with a fruity, aromatic and hoppy vibe!


I’d love to discuss the product with you further and hopefully explore distribution possibilities with you.  Kind regards and thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you! Bert Vissers 0032493/68.23.96


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