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  • Departure point:Austria, Vienna
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Veterinary Veterinary Pharmacy
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Product information

  • Animal Type:Dogs and cats
  • Brand Name:Biomec
  • Color:Blue Pills
  • Place of Origin:Austria

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Biomec 8000 Tick Flea Heart Worm Parasite remove dog and cat for 10 months


- Heart worms and parasites effective removal;

- Ticks, fleas and mange prevention and removal;

- 10 tablets for 10 months use;

- Non toxic nor pesticide;

- Free shipping worldwide.

Fieding Guide:

- 1 tablet for every 15-20kilograms dog weight. Thus for large over 20kilograms use 2 tablets. And a half tablet for an under 10 kilograms dog.

- Feed once every 30-45days.

- Do not over dosage nor feed twice within 30days.

- Do not feed during heart worm nor tick removal injection period.


- Do not use on pregnant dogs nor mother dogs.

- Do not use on baby dogs, under 6 weeks old.

- It is dangerous when using it with other injections, vaccines or remedies. 

- Keep it dry and in room temperature.


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