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Radran Nigeria Limited
$ 5,000.00
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  • Departure point:Nigeria, Maidugu
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Food and Agricultural Produce Spices and Herbs
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Product information

  • Brand:Red Chili Pepper
  • Condition:dried
  • Package type:Jute / PP bag or buyer’s requirement
  • Quantity per package:50kg, 25kg
  • Moisture:15%Max
  • Cultivation:Organic
  • Length:5 – 7cm
  • Processing Type:Raw


There are wide varieties of chili pepper all over the world but many of them are produced based on regions and environmental conditions.

Varieties commonly produced in Nigeria are; Bird Pepper ( var. minima), Cayenne ( var. fingerh), Capsicum annum ( var. baccatum), and

Capsicum annum ( var. chacoense).


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