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EO Biomass Sdn. Bhd.
$ 2,400.00
24000 Kg
  • Departure point:Malaysia, Johor Bahru
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Lumber and Articles of Wood Fuelwood
No b2b info.

Product information

  • Folded:no
  • Inflatable:no

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Product Definition: EFB is the residue produced when palm fruit is taken from a fresh fruit bunch in the initial process of palm oil production. Unprocessed EFB is available as very wet whole empty fruit bunches each weighing several kilograms while processed EFB is a fibrous material with fiber length of 10-20 cm and reduced moisture content of 30-50%. Additional processing steps can reduce fiber length to around 5 cm and the material can also be processed into bales, pellets or pulverized form after drying. Palletizing EFB can produce renewable biomass energy that has a higher calorific value than wood.

• Suitable for cattle feed roughage and bio-fuel combustion applications.• Contains 100% fibre from palm empty fruit bunch.• Made from fresh, sterilized raw material.• No MBM, BM , added chemical, binder or modifier.• High dry matters; Low moisture content.• Low ash content.


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