Handmade Polished Green Marble Mortar and Pestle Set Kitchen Home Living Decor Herb and Spice Grinder Ayurveda Kitchen Cooking Tool

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Thar Artefacts
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Total weight: 7 kg
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Product information

  • Color: Green
  • Material: Green Marble


Made to Crush, Grind, Mix, and Powder. Beautiful Serving Piece, goes Seamlessly From Kitchen to Table.Mortar Dimensions - Diameter 3 Inches, Height - 2.7 Inches. Pestle Dimension - 3.1 Inches.Product weighs around 1.55 pounds.It Can Be Washed Using Both Water and Soap. Avoid putting in dishwasher.Marble mortar and pestle helps in crushing and grinding of substances and ingredients to fine paste or powder. The use of mortar and pestle, pestling, offers the advantage, that the substance is crushed with low energy, so that the substance will not warm up itself.Please Note - The image shows various scratches across mortar and pestle but these are not scratches. These are natural scratches which usually comes on green marble.


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