Potato granules (mashed potatoes dry)

35100.00 USD
/ Tonne
Partners RID Ltd.
Max 26 Tonne
Min 1 Tonne
Total weight: 26000 kg
Total price: $35,100.00
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Food and Agricultural Produce Snack Food


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Product information

  • Condition: dried


Potato granules (mashed potatoes dry) It is made from high-quality, mellow potatoes, which is sorted, washed, blanched, peeled, cut, boiled, mixed with other ingredients, dried by roller drying, grinded and fractionated.      Recommended for use in snack products and bread production.     Used as a garnish for food in the Army, for sailors, shepherds, working men, school canteens and for refugees in camps of settlements.     Packing: - big bag 500 kg - bags: 25 kg, 20 kg, 17 kg, 15 kg. - packages in boxes: 10 kg (5 to 2 kg), 5 kg, 500 g, 300 g, 200 g, 120 g (on request) - thermo box in boxes 10 - 40 g (on request)


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