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$ 5.50
5.50 USD
/ Pack
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Soja Argentina
  • 50 gr
  • 100 gr
  • 250 gr
  • 500 gr
  • 1000 gr
$ 5.50
1 Kg
  • Departure point:Argentina, Buenos Aires
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Food and Agricultural Produce Milling Products
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Product information

  • Brand:Herbadiet
  • Condition:dried
  • Ingredients:Organic Haritaki, Harad
  • Package type:Paper Bag
  • Quantity per package:50 gr
  • Type:Food powder
  • Weight per package:50 - 1000 gr


ORGANIC Haritaki Fruit Powder

How to Consume Haritaki Powder:

1. Can be mixed with warm milk & honey;

2. Can be taken with juices & smoothies;

3. Can be taken directly with honey;

4. Can be taken by filling in capsules at home ( we also supply empty vegetarian capsules).


Why Our Haritaki Powder?

1. Premium Quality- We source our Haritaki from the highest quality organic plants available, cultivated under perfect growing conditions .  Our supplier has been perfecting production methods for over 20 years on the largest Haritaki fields in the world! 

2. Ideal Sourcing Location-Our organic Haritaki is grown in extremely fertile soil , fertilized from compost made from the stems and trunks of the plants.  There are no traces of heavy metals or chemicals.

3. Special Drying Technique- Our Haritaki is quickly air-dried using turbines, rather than sun-dried, which can take several days and exposes the Haritaki fruits to insects, bacteria and other living organisms.


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