• Jake
    Jake Right April 13, 2016
    I know a big amount of tea is growing in India, but it is not less famous in UK, it is even a national drink there. How does it come that India is producing, but it's more popular in UK? Or maybe I'm not well informed.
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    • Kate Shapord
      November 10, 2016
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      Tea is popular everywhere in the world!

      I could disagree with the idea that tea is much more popular in Great Britain rather than in India. The UK is famous for "half past three, everything stops for tea" when Indian tea manufacturers are known globally. The only difference is that tea did not become a cult in Indian culture. India produces tea, Great Britain buys it in big quantities.

    • Neil Careman
      April 13, 2016
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      Actually tea is popular in both places. If in India it is due to its origin, in UK it is due to the different technologies used for producing good ready-for-use tea. I suppose a big role in this, are the tea with various adding of flavors, fruits, etc.

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