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  • Pakistan tags field is required

    02/25/2018 11:43 AM
    Dear All Please be informed that when I am uploading my products it is giving me error of TAG FIELD IS REQUIRED why is this?? I have completed all informations Thanks
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    • Easy way to fix tag error
      11/30/2018 10:17 AM

      Just add your product related tags and it will appear in blue color as suggestiion. just click on blue suggested area

  • Bangladesh Seeking respective buyer

    11/08/2017 07:15 AM
    Export Products
    Dear sir, How can i reach to ultimate importer with my handicraft items.
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  • India how to search buyers

    09/05/2017 07:17 PM
    Searching for buyers/sellers
    please show me how to search buyer for my respected product.
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  • United States of America B2B

    05/23/2016 04:57 PM
    If I use the B2B opportunity on Export Portal, do I have the possibility to buy as a seller through the B2B page or should I register as a buyer on another account or what are my next steps? Thanks.
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    • try it
      03/01/2017 04:43 PM

      Hello you have to register on Export Portal as a buyer.

    • You have to register
      11/30/2016 11:18 AM

      In order to buy the products from Export Portal, you have to register as a buyer. The users, registered as sellers, manufacturers and shippers cannot buy the items, using their profiles.

  • United States of America Olive oil

    04/27/2016 11:11 AM
    Which one is the best for food: Spanish or Greek oil?
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    • simple
      03/01/2017 04:33 PM

      Both of these products are really good. You can not tell which is the best, because they have their own taste properties

    • Everything depends on the region
      11/10/2016 04:36 PM

      The differences between Spanish and Greek olive oils are not easily noticeable as these are usually mixed and sold in the same bottle. While the product maybe labeled as Spanish, it is actually a combination of oils from difference countries, including Spain, Greece, and Italy; only the blending and packaging is done in Spain. This is due to the fact that the per capita consumption of olive oil in Spain far exceeds what the country can produce. To meet the international demand for this oil, the country imports olive oil from Italy and Greece.

    • Every country has its taste :)
      04/27/2016 12:01 PM

      Actually there are more countries producing olive oil: Spain, Italy, Greece, Syria, Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia, Portugal, Algeria and others in the world. So I'd rather say every type of it has its taste and every is better for a specific meal.

  • United States of America Cars from Sweden

    04/27/2016 10:57 AM
    Export/Import Requirements
    What docs should I deal with if I want to buy a car from Sweden?
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    • info
      02/22/2017 05:07 PM

      Hello! You should ask next documents from the seller: - The contract of sale or an invoice - The registration certificate (Registreringsbevis). This needs to be the original. If several parts are issued, all need to be sent - The seller is not legally obliged to provide the European Certificate of Conformity (COC). If no COC is available from the seller, you can contact the manufacturer in your country of residence. If the manufacturer cannot provide a COC, you can ask a technical service in Sweden or in your home country.

    • Documents
      11/16/2016 11:02 AM

      Every buyer has to remember the list of documents he/she needs while buying a car abroad.These are the original Certificate of Title or a certified copy of the original, and two complete copies of the original Certificate of Title or certified copy of the original. The vehicle must be presented on the day of export at the appropriate place, along with the attached form, for examination and verification of the VIN. Remember, many borders, especially ports do not process cars for export on weekends; call ahead to make sure your schedule will conform to the business hours of the port you will be exporting through. Also, to help speed up the inspection process, please have the attached form completed prior to arrival at the port.

    • Easier for you
      04/27/2016 10:58 AM

      You actually have to ask the car manufacturers how to do it precisely or if it is a Volvo or Saab, or a Scania truck, then just find the nearest dealer. If you want to buy a Koenigsegg, which I am glad for you, then you have to contact them directly. Good luck in driving.

  • United States of America Verified vs. Unverified

    What is the difference between a verified and unverified seller?
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    • Support
      03/01/2017 04:48 PM

      There are some advantages of verified sellers: secure trade, trading process is protected, the deals are easy and safe, safeguards for all the parties, guidance with documents, helping you on every step of the way, assistance with shipping etc.

    • Verification
      04/22/2016 04:31 PM

      First of all, verified sellers get much more features: unlimited listings, 24/7 support, possibilities to upload pictures, videos and other files. But, despite all these bonuses, the main difference is trust, because people (I mean buyers) trust sellers, which are verified. So, if you are really interested in export/import business, my advice for you is to get verified! As you can see it will be a great help for you to find your new customers and partners.

  • Germany Rubber

    04/22/2016 04:21 PM
    Is anyone interested in importing rubber?
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    • Use Export Portal to find new customers!
      11/10/2016 04:40 PM

      From my point of view, the best way to find customers for rubber is to use Export Portal. Displacing your products in online catalog attracts international sellers and gives you the possibility to expand your business globally.

    • B2B
      04/22/2016 04:25 PM

      My advice for you is to use B2B feature on the website. It will help you to find your constant partners. Also, you can use "highlight" and "featured" opportunities, so as to make your product notable by the customers. Btw, the top importers of rubber are China, USA, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea. More information here

  • United States of America Becoming an exporter

    04/22/2016 04:17 PM
    Starting a business
    Are there real chances to become an exporter?
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    • Start selling
      02/09/2017 09:46 AM

      It is difficult, but I started.

    • You always have chances to become a good exporter!
      11/10/2016 04:25 PM

      Firsts of all you should make a good business plan and choose the country you are going to work with. Search the market and analyze people' needs and requirements. A very important step is to choose the route for the market 1. Sell directly 2. Use a distributor 3. Use a sales agent 4. Create a joint venture. Find opportunities, new partners and international customers. Export Portal is one of the best ways to start your export business without spending extra money. Continue with your promotional activity and keep visiting the trades hows.

    • Great opportunities!
      04/22/2016 04:20 PM

      Of course! It is very easy, safe and quick to become an exporter on Export Portal! All you need to do is just to go through the registration and accreditation. After that you will access to the largest lists of sellers and buyers worldwide. You will be able easily to find your new customers and B2B partners overseas. For any doubts or questions, you can always read successful stories or talk to other sellers, good luck!

  • United States of America Start

    04/22/2016 04:12 PM
    Does it take a lot of time to start exporting business?
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    • Export Business
      11/16/2016 11:05 AM

      Of course, any export/import business requires time for documents preparation and finding new potential clients and customers. Despite all these, opening a business is easy these days, but making it profitable is difficult even with all the tools that have been afforded to us in the last 10 years online to organize. With the internet as the biggest competitor, clients are constantly being bombarded with cheaper prices cutting out our margins. That being said the right kind of customer will be loyal to you was long as you have a reasonable price. Many might not see that as loyalty but the dollar speaks for itself. Basically it all comes down to finding something that one place doesn't have (and needs) and bringing it there. "All one must do to make gold is bring water to the desert."

    • Exporting
      04/22/2016 04:15 PM

      No! If you are already a seller with the license, it takes about 5 minutes (!) to become a verified seller on Export Portal. All you have to do, is to register and to go through the accreditation. As for me, I registered, and after an hour I already had some orders. Also, if you want to do business faster, you can use B2B feature and find your partner for constant and profitable business relationship. Good luck!



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