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  • Evans
    by Evans

    United States of America importing used furniture articles into the US from India

    08/22/2014 05:12 PM
    Export Products
    Hi Export Portal, I am gathering info on bringing used furniture articles into the US from India. Are there any restrictions regarding on importing used furniture into the USA?
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    • It is simple
      02/09/2017 10:07 AM

      Hello! You will have to declare them on a Declaration CBP Form 6059B, which is only available at the time of entry. Be sure to bring the bill of sale and lading with you. If you are crossing the border with furniture you purchased from India, you will have to declare them on a Declaration CBP Form 6059B, which is only available at the time of entry.

  • Abbiati

    United Kingdom starting an import/export business in UK

    10/01/2014 04:58 PM
    I am interested in starting an import/export business in UK. Can you please give me a step by step guide on how to start, what kind of paperwork might be involved and where to register. Thank you in advance
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  • Louis
    by Louis


    03/07/2015 11:00 AM
    Export Products
    Sir/madame I want to export herbal and glycerin bath soaps to other countries from India. Give me your suggestions that how can i start the process. I have the IEC CODE (import export license given by the Indian government). Expecting your reply Regards Louis Raising star exports
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    • to Louis
      02/18/2016 12:30 PM

      Hello, Louis! I would like to please you, because all what you need to do now, is just to wait for some time before the Export Portal officially opens! Because you have your business registered officially, now you need just to post your product on your page on Export Portal and your clients will find you! It is easy as pie! EP can help you with international advertisement of your product, and EP's team will guide you through the process of selling.

  • Vijay
    by Vijay

    India Export

    05/14/2015 11:00 AM
    Starting a business
    Hey how to start export business and how to find overseas buyers of India fresh vegetables, amaranth seeds, henna leaves, rose leaves, senna leaves, Neen leaves, Indian rice, potato
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    • Hello!
      08/11/2015 04:04 PM

      Hey! Starting an export business it is very important to know where your product will be sold best. Investigate, for example, which countries have in fresh vegetables and plants leaves. If we consider Europe, European developed countries import the most of fresh fruits and vegetables.

    • Hi!
      02/19/2016 12:36 PM

      Also, I'd sugeest you when creating a new item on the site in your list, insert a short description with where those leaves can be used and which is the benefit from them, for the countries that don't grow such products, so that you can attract even those from another part of the globe.

    • Analyze the market!
      11/30/2016 10:59 AM

      The best way to start an export business is to analyze the market and concentrate the country you are interested in. In order to find potential clients ( customers) first of all, make your business and your products visible on international market. You can use different social media, mass media. Export Portal is a good way to do it easy, fast and less expensive!

  • United States of America Importing textiles

    10/13/2015 04:48 PM
    Hi! Is it difficult to import textiles from India to the US?
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    • Textiles export/import
      01/25/2016 12:18 PM

      Hi! As far as I know, textiles are one of the main exports of India. And I know some people here in the US who have Indian textiles suppliers. I am sure both countries have trade relations and laws that allow you to import or export textiles without big obstacles. And I also know that the USA government has all the info concerning international trade available online on their official sites. Good luck with your business!

    • It's popular nowadays
      02/18/2016 12:27 PM

      I know what it is an often used practice. Many US companies, which produce clothes and other stuff from textiles, often buy them from India. Also, many people would like to have the possibility to buy it. When exporting textiles it is important to note the following: material of composition, the origin of the materials and the end use of the textile product. I'm sure your business will have a great success, good luck!

    • Hello Jennifer!
      12/14/2016 11:00 AM

      Additional considerations for importing textiles include Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requirements for flammability. Wearing apparel must have labels specifying content and instructions for care. All textiles must have either labels indicating the country of origin or, if this is not feasible, (yarn, thread, wool) be packaged in such a way that country of origin is discernible to the ultimate purchaser. Determining country of origin for mixed products (blouses made in India from Chinese silk) can be very complicated.

  • Anarup
    by Anarup

    India Find buyers outside India

    02/11/2016 04:18 PM
    Export Products
    I am a seller of gemstones. I have my own shop. How can I find buyers outside my country to export my products. How can I do this? How can I look for buyers myself, not just sit and wait?
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    • Better for you you are looking for yourself
      02/19/2016 12:33 PM

      Regarding you don not want just to sit and wait - from accessing the DIRECTORY link from the home page ( to both chat and contact companies there from countries around the world, you can also Feature your product to distinct from others to catch attention. Let your business shine.

    • Possibilities
      11/16/2016 11:44 AM

      The best solution is to displace your products here. In such a way, the customers are going to find you by themselves, looking for the gemstones they need. Another solution is to contact potential buyers independently. Unfortunately, this process requires a lot of time and spend of money. Of course, it is useless to sit and wait till your export business is going to growth by itself. Join different social pages and make your gemstones visible.

    • hello
      03/01/2017 04:40 PM

      Register on Export Portal and begin selling your products all over the world. Find more business partners by B2B option, on the worldwide level.

  • Andrei
    by Andrei

    Russia Russia export

    02/12/2016 02:30 PM
    Export/Import Requirements
    Hi! I am concerned about ban on exporting/importing some products in Russia. I deal with mineral products. Does anybody know if there will be any difficulties for me regarding new laws appearing for selling abroad?
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    • Russia import/export
      02/18/2016 12:00 PM

      Greetings. You'll have no problem for importing/exporting your goods, if, in case of Russia, you will not contact EU, Norway, U.S., Canada, Australia. For a clearer understanding which countries you can do your business with, consider please visiting and then, there's plenty of them. Things are going to change anyway, so I hope you will be connecting all of the countries. Wish you succes!

  • Serhat
    by Serhat

    Turkey Shippers finding help

    02/15/2016 04:10 PM
    International Shipping
    How does Export Portal help to find shippers? Have anybody tried?
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    • Easy as pie!
      02/18/2016 12:25 PM

      Serhat, it is easy as pie, because not only sellers are looking for shippers, but shippers are also searching for clients! Export Portal helps them to find each other and to collaborate with success. You can always have a fast access to the list of shippers - on EP's home page is a link to it.

    • The shippers are looking for you!
      12/07/2016 10:14 AM

      Export Portal is a unique web site, regarding the structure and organisation. It is a beneficial environment for sellers, buyers, shippers and manufacturers. The site helps these people find each other and create strong and profitable business relations. The export/ import process is impossible without shippers as well as the shippers do not have any value without constant clients and big number of orders.

  • Andres
    by Andres

    Spain Trade partners

    02/16/2016 03:15 PM
    Hello! I'm a construction materials business owner and I'm looking for international trade partners. How can I find them on Export Portal?
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    • Trade partners
      02/18/2016 11:36 AM

      You can go to (or Home page and click ”DIRECTORY” underneath the logo) and both chat and contact the listed companies to see what business you can do with them.

    • It is simple
      02/15/2017 02:28 PM

      Hello! You can find B2B partners on Export Portal. Just join and make a B2B request. You can find partner companies all over the world.

  • David
    by David

    United Kingdom Import taxes in UK

    02/16/2016 04:36 PM
    Import/Export Taxes and Duties
    Hello! I know that there are different taxes on different products and countries. I'd like to ask if someone knows what products imported to the UK get the highest tax. Thanks!
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    • Hello, David!
      02/19/2016 10:05 AM

      It is a very interesting question. I also wondered about it and did some research. As far as I know it all depends on the product (some special cases, I mean). But on the official site of UK Government I found, what the higher tax on imported goods is 20%.

    • It is simple
      02/09/2017 10:06 AM

      To answer your question I will show you an example for calculation of import taxes in UK: If you pay your supplier USD$3000 (let’s call it £2000) for your goods, the UK Duty rating for these particular goods is 3.5% and the shipping quote is £300 then: UK Duty = 3.5 % of £2000 = £70.00 VAT = 20 % of (UK Duty [£70] + Shipping [£300] + Cost of the goods [£2000]) = £474.00 Therefore the total duties and taxes payable to import these goods would be £544.00 (£70 for UK Duty and £474 for VAT)



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