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  • Shamim
    by Shamim

    Bangladesh Export hand made carpets

    02/23/2016 10:56 AM
    Export and Import in Europe
    Are there any additional rules on exporting hand made carpets from Bangladesh to USA?
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    • Hi Shamim!
      03/02/2016 12:20 PM

      As far as I know there are no such restrictions. But your production must be done under the control and must have certifications: certificate of origin, inspection certificate, product testing certificate, health certificate, phytosanitary certificate and/or fumigation certificate if required. Good luck!

    • Welcome carpets
      03/09/2016 02:35 PM

      Bangladesh is the beneficiary of US Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) Program (low or no tariff penalty). Bangladeshi products such as golf equipment, sleeping bags, bone china and porcelain kitchen/ tableware, cereal based prepared foods, hand-loomed woven cotton carpets and other textile floor coverings, spectacles and goggles, headgear other than rubber and plastics, etc. are eligible to enter duty-free under GSP in the US market. There are no additional rules for exporting handmade carpets from Bangladesh to USA. Go forward!

  • Shamsul

    Bangladesh Seeking respective buyer

    11/08/2017 07:15 AM
    Export Products
    Dear sir, How can i reach to ultimate importer with my handicraft items.
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