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  • Mihail
    by Mihail

    Belarus EU restrictions

    02/25/2016 12:19 PM
    Import/Export Taxes and Duties
    Will export/import ban and restrictions in Russia influence Belarus export/import taxes?
    Answer this 2 answers
    • Even the opposite!
      03/02/2016 05:30 PM

      Don't worry about this. Belarus has subsidiaries from its different companies all over the world so it does not have problems. Even more, its export to Russia raised significantly, like milk and milk products, because other, especially EU countries, don't export in there. So, go ahead!

    • Hi
      03/09/2016 04:25 PM

      Of course not! Belarus is not a part of Russia, it's a sovereign country and there are no bans. Russia is the main partner of Belarus' exports and the EU is the second largest market. Nowadays, Belarus successfully trades with GB, Netherlands, Germany etc.




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