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  • Katty
    by Katty

    France shipping price

    04/01/2016 02:51 PM
    International Shipping
    How do I put a product and my final price? will the price include shipping? or I should put "my price plus shipping cost"?
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    • Simple price management
      04/06/2016 02:20 PM

      For our convenience, it is made to put the price we want. Then shipping means different distances firstly and secondly different ways to deliver: by water, by land and by air. This is where the prices differ combined with the third part - the volume and weight of the product that you fill in when registering the item. But - be not worried of so many factors, the price doesn't grow drastically. The shipper delivers a-huge-a-lot, but at once, that makes the price relatively low.




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