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11 Question(s)
  • Evans
    by Evans

    United States of America importing used furniture articles into the US from India

    08/22/2014 05:12 PM
    Export Products
    Hi Export Portal, I am gathering info on bringing used furniture articles into the US from India. Are there any restrictions regarding on importing used furniture into the USA?
    Answer this 2 answers
    • It is simple
      02/09/2017 10:07 AM

      Hello! You will have to declare them on a Declaration CBP Form 6059B, which is only available at the time of entry. Be sure to bring the bill of sale and lading with you. If you are crossing the border with furniture you purchased from India, you will have to declare them on a Declaration CBP Form 6059B, which is only available at the time of entry.

  • United States of America Importing textiles

    10/13/2015 04:48 PM
    Hi! Is it difficult to import textiles from India to the US?
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    • Textiles export/import
      01/25/2016 12:18 PM

      Hi! As far as I know, textiles are one of the main exports of India. And I know some people here in the US who have Indian textiles suppliers. I am sure both countries have trade relations and laws that allow you to import or export textiles without big obstacles. And I also know that the USA government has all the info concerning international trade available online on their official sites. Good luck with your business!

    • It's popular nowadays
      02/18/2016 12:27 PM

      I know what it is an often used practice. Many US companies, which produce clothes and other stuff from textiles, often buy them from India. Also, many people would like to have the possibility to buy it. When exporting textiles it is important to note the following: material of composition, the origin of the materials and the end use of the textile product. I'm sure your business will have a great success, good luck!

    • Hello Jennifer!
      12/14/2016 11:00 AM

      Additional considerations for importing textiles include Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requirements for flammability. Wearing apparel must have labels specifying content and instructions for care. All textiles must have either labels indicating the country of origin or, if this is not feasible, (yarn, thread, wool) be packaged in such a way that country of origin is discernible to the ultimate purchaser. Determining country of origin for mixed products (blouses made in India from Chinese silk) can be very complicated.

  • Rose
    by Rose

    United States of America Taxes on tobacco

    04/04/2016 02:57 PM
    Import/Export Taxes and Duties
    Which countries have low taxes on tobacco import?
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    • Taxes
      04/06/2016 01:13 PM

      You might expect a simple answer from expert people in domain, but the reality is that most governments levy taxes on tobacco products, including excise taxes, value added taxes (VAT) or general sales taxes and import duties. Of these, tobacco-product excise taxes are most important for achieving the health objective of reduced tobacco consumption since they are uniquely applied to tobacco products and raise their prices relative to the prices of other goods and services. That's why if you plan or have a tobacco company, for not losing the profit you can easily switch the tobacco production to a pharmaceutical company supplier with tobacco plants or why not a pharmaceutical company itself.

  • Jake
    by Jake

    United States of America Business term

    04/13/2016 11:54 AM
    What is this term in business "bien elu" or something like that? When I was trying to find its meaning, was with no result, but for sure heard of it. Thank you.
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    • Your term is almost right
      04/13/2016 12:25 PM

      What you talk about is "Benelux", business is only a part of it. The Benelux Union (Dutch: Benelux Unie; French: Union Benelux) is a politico-economic union of three neighbouring states in central-western Europe: Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. The name—Benelux—is formed from joining the first two or three letters of each country's name—Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg—and was first used to name the customs agreement that initiated the union (signed in 1944). It is now used more generally to refer to the geographic, economic and cultural grouping of the three countries. In 1951, these countries joined West Germany, France, and Italy to form the European Coal and Steel Community, a predecessor of the European Economic Community (EEC) and today's European Union (EU). The main institutions of the Union are the Committee of Ministers, the Benelux Parliament, the Council of the Union and the Secretariat-General, while the Benelux Organization for Intellectual Property and the Benelux Court of Justice cover the same territory but are not part of the Union. The Benelux Secretariat-General is located in Brussels. It is the central administrative pillar of the Benelux Union. It handles the secretariat of the Committee of Ministers, the Council of Economic Union and the various committees and working parties. Moreover, it ensures the registry of the Benelux Court of Justice. Welcome.

  • Jake
    by Jake

    United States of America Tea

    04/13/2016 12:06 PM
    I know a big amount of tea is growing in India, but it is not less famous in UK, it is even a national drink there. How does it come that India is producing, but it's more popular in UK? Or maybe I'm not well informed.
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    • Tea
      04/13/2016 12:12 PM

      Actually tea is popular in both places. If in India it is due to its origin, in UK it is due to the different technologies used for producing good ready-for-use tea. I suppose a big role in this, are the tea with various adding of flavors, fruits, etc.

    • Tea is popular everywhere in the world!
      11/10/2016 04:32 PM

      I could disagree with the idea that tea is much more popular in Great Britain rather than in India. The UK is famous for "half past three, everything stops for tea" when Indian tea manufacturers are known globally. The only difference is that tea did not become a cult in Indian culture. India produces tea, Great Britain buys it in big quantities.

  • Gregory

    United States of America Start

    04/22/2016 04:12 PM
    Does it take a lot of time to start exporting business?
    Answer this 2 answers
    • Exporting
      04/22/2016 04:15 PM

      No! If you are already a seller with the license, it takes about 5 minutes (!) to become a verified seller on Export Portal. All you have to do, is to register and to go through the accreditation. As for me, I registered, and after an hour I already had some orders. Also, if you want to do business faster, you can use B2B feature and find your partner for constant and profitable business relationship. Good luck!

    • Export Business
      11/16/2016 11:05 AM

      Of course, any export/import business requires time for documents preparation and finding new potential clients and customers. Despite all these, opening a business is easy these days, but making it profitable is difficult even with all the tools that have been afforded to us in the last 10 years online to organize. With the internet as the biggest competitor, clients are constantly being bombarded with cheaper prices cutting out our margins. That being said the right kind of customer will be loyal to you was long as you have a reasonable price. Many might not see that as loyalty but the dollar speaks for itself. Basically it all comes down to finding something that one place doesn't have (and needs) and bringing it there. "All one must do to make gold is bring water to the desert."

  • Steve
    by Steve

    United States of America Becoming an exporter

    04/22/2016 04:17 PM
    Starting a business
    Are there real chances to become an exporter?
    Answer this 3 answers
    • Great opportunities!
      04/22/2016 04:20 PM

      Of course! It is very easy, safe and quick to become an exporter on Export Portal! All you need to do is just to go through the registration and accreditation. After that you will access to the largest lists of sellers and buyers worldwide. You will be able easily to find your new customers and B2B partners overseas. For any doubts or questions, you can always read successful stories or talk to other sellers, good luck!

    • You always have chances to become a good exporter!
      11/10/2016 04:25 PM

      Firsts of all you should make a good business plan and choose the country you are going to work with. Search the market and analyze people' needs and requirements. A very important step is to choose the route for the market 1. Sell directly 2. Use a distributor 3. Use a sales agent 4. Create a joint venture. Find opportunities, new partners and international customers. Export Portal is one of the best ways to start your export business without spending extra money. Continue with your promotional activity and keep visiting the trades hows.

    • Start selling
      02/09/2017 09:46 AM

      It is difficult, but I started.

  • Kevin
    by Kevin

    United States of America Verified vs. Unverified

    What is the difference between a verified and unverified seller?
    Answer this 2 answers
    • Verification
      04/22/2016 04:31 PM

      First of all, verified sellers get much more features: unlimited listings, 24/7 support, possibilities to upload pictures, videos and other files. But, despite all these bonuses, the main difference is trust, because people (I mean buyers) trust sellers, which are verified. So, if you are really interested in export/import business, my advice for you is to get verified! As you can see it will be a great help for you to find your new customers and partners.

    • Support
      03/01/2017 04:48 PM

      There are some advantages of verified sellers: secure trade, trading process is protected, the deals are easy and safe, safeguards for all the parties, guidance with documents, helping you on every step of the way, assistance with shipping etc.

  • Amos
    by Amos

    United States of America Cars from Sweden

    04/27/2016 10:57 AM
    Export/Import Requirements
    What docs should I deal with if I want to buy a car from Sweden?
    Answer this 3 answers
    • Easier for you
      04/27/2016 10:58 AM

      You actually have to ask the car manufacturers how to do it precisely or if it is a Volvo or Saab, or a Scania truck, then just find the nearest dealer. If you want to buy a Koenigsegg, which I am glad for you, then you have to contact them directly. Good luck in driving.

    • Documents
      11/16/2016 11:02 AM

      Every buyer has to remember the list of documents he/she needs while buying a car abroad.These are the original Certificate of Title or a certified copy of the original, and two complete copies of the original Certificate of Title or certified copy of the original. The vehicle must be presented on the day of export at the appropriate place, along with the attached form, for examination and verification of the VIN. Remember, many borders, especially ports do not process cars for export on weekends; call ahead to make sure your schedule will conform to the business hours of the port you will be exporting through. Also, to help speed up the inspection process, please have the attached form completed prior to arrival at the port.

    • info
      02/22/2017 05:07 PM

      Hello! You should ask next documents from the seller: - The contract of sale or an invoice - The registration certificate (Registreringsbevis). This needs to be the original. If several parts are issued, all need to be sent - The seller is not legally obliged to provide the European Certificate of Conformity (COC). If no COC is available from the seller, you can contact the manufacturer in your country of residence. If the manufacturer cannot provide a COC, you can ask a technical service in Sweden or in your home country.

  • Joel
    by Joel

    United States of America Olive oil

    04/27/2016 11:11 AM
    Which one is the best for food: Spanish or Greek oil?
    Answer this 3 answers
    • Every country has its taste :)
      04/27/2016 12:01 PM

      Actually there are more countries producing olive oil: Spain, Italy, Greece, Syria, Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia, Portugal, Algeria and others in the world. So I'd rather say every type of it has its taste and every is better for a specific meal.

    • Everything depends on the region
      11/10/2016 04:36 PM

      The differences between Spanish and Greek olive oils are not easily noticeable as these are usually mixed and sold in the same bottle. While the product maybe labeled as Spanish, it is actually a combination of oils from difference countries, including Spain, Greece, and Italy; only the blending and packaging is done in Spain. This is due to the fact that the per capita consumption of olive oil in Spain far exceeds what the country can produce. To meet the international demand for this oil, the country imports olive oil from Italy and Greece.

    • simple
      03/01/2017 04:33 PM

      Both of these products are really good. You can not tell which is the best, because they have their own taste properties



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