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We provide
  • Customers worldwide
  • Trusted sellers
  • Legal assistance
  • Trusted sellers
    Trusted sellers
    Work with legitimate international businesses
    Only legally registered businesses can become sellers on Export Portal. Each company must provide a copy of a government issued business license and pass the registration process with Export Portal.
  • Secure and easy deals
    Secure and easy deals
    Protecting shippers, buyers, and sellers
    We established a fair trade process that includes safeguards for all the parties involved. Buyers and sellers will have an easier transaction process.
  • Companies worldwide
    Companies worldwide
    Customer base covers all countries
    You get a chance to find customers, connect with companies from all over the world and expand your business. Export Portal’s client base covers all the countries allowing you to maximize your profits.
  • International business standards
    International business standards
    Highest trade standards
    Each country has its own unique standards for trade. Our experts guarantee the necessary help for you to fit the international business requirements and avoid unexpected fees or delays.
  • Documentation
    User Guide
    We will help you through the entire process
    Once agreements for purchase and sale are completed, Export Portal will help with all the paperwork that will guarantee the safe transfer of products.
  • Lots of business opportunities
    Business opportunities
    Working hand-in-hand with global companies
    Use all the advantages and opportunities we have to offer: secure and safe
    deals, the best selection of customers, as well as exporters and importers from all over the world
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1945 Gardena Avenue, Glendale, California 91204-2910, USA
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Call US
International call:
+1 (818) 691-0079
Free call:
+1 (800) 289-0015
+1 (818) 213-6181
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  • Hall Walker Shipper, Canada
    Hall Walker
    Freight forwarder, Canada
    What I appreciate when doing business is when it's done quick, easy and safe. My company is looking forward to start cooperating with Export Portal because we need a business partner like this, new customers, and lots of opportunities offered by the platform.
  • Nazari Mansour Shipper, UAE
    Nazari Mansour
    Freight forwarder, UAE
    I manage a shipping company for several years now. Having quite an experience, I can say that what Export Portal offers, is the right thing. I am looking forward to start doing business here!
  • Xing Tao Shipper, China
    Xing Tao
    Freight forwarder, China
    We knew that to find a place that connects sellers and shippers was quite a success. And now we are waiting for the portal to open for us to get the new ways and opportunities.
  • Melek Yuosuf Shipper, Turkey
    Melek Yuosuf
    Freight forwarder, Turkey
    Export Portal is the first site with such a comfortable and easy system. We are excited to get the possibility of doing business here - legal sellers and international trade are things what we really need now!
  • Sangam Yamura Shipper, India
    Sangam Yamura
    Freight forwarder, India
    My company is waiting to start doing business on Export Portal, it is great to feel that we are among the first ones who will get all the advantages offered by the site.
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