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Bolivia Exports

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Interested in exporting or importing from Bolivia? Export Portal has been created to promote the export products of Bolivia and other countries from South America at the worldwide level. Please find below a brief profile of Bolivia's exports and the nation's foreign trade.

Bolivia is a resource rich country and Bolivia's trade with the neighboring countries has been growing due to its participation in regional trade agreements. The nation is a member of the Andean Community, enjoying free trade with Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. In 1997, the Bolivian government was negotiating with MERCOSUR to expand its opportunities eastward. However, the U.S. remains Bolivia's main trading partner.

The country is heavily dependent on its mineral exports, especially natural gas, zinc and gold. Bolivia also exports wood, animal feed, oil seeds, fruits and wool. is one of the largest export/import directories where you can easily find and contact wholesalers from Bolivia, Bolivian Distributors, Bolivian Wholesale Suppliers, Bolivian Exporters or Bolivian Producers. All the products available on the site are classified into categories and sub-categories. This allows you to shop easily online for Bolivia Alpaca Wool, Bolivian Rosewood, Bolivian Exotic Fruit, Bolivia's Oilseed Products and many other goods made in Bolivia.  


Bolivia Imports

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If you plan to import from Bolivia, explore our catalog of Bolivian products, Bolivian Distributors and Bolivian Manufacturers from the comfort of your home or office.

Bolivia is an incredibly diverse nation in every sense of the word. Being landlocked and located in the heart of South America, the country draws strongly from deep multi-ethnic indigenous roots, the strong influence of its neighboring countries and centuries of Spanish colonial occupation.

And what does Bolivia import? Bolivia's import product structure is much more diversified than its exports and includes principally manufactured goods. It is interesting that soybeans are the 5th most important import product and consequently there is high demand for it in the country. Bolivia's other main import commodities include aircraft parts, petroleum products, automobiles, and prepared foods.

Are you a Bolivian Exporter looking for global buyers? Or are you an importer from USA or any other country from the world searching for top quality products made in Bolivia? Export Portal is your number one destination for promoting your products or buying products online from verified exporters, sellers and manufacturers from Bolivia. Shop easily online for Bolivia Alpaca Wool, Bolivian Rosewood, Bolivian Exotic Fruit, Bolivia's Oilseed Products and many other goods made in Bolivia.  

Customs requirements of Bolivia

Bolivian Customs Contact Information


Tel: +591 800105001

Address: Avenida 20 de Octubre N 2038 entre Juan José Perez y Aspiazu, La Paz, Bolivia 


Bolivia is open to foreign trade. The country's trade with neighboring countries is growing, partly because of several regional preferential trade agreements. Bolivia is a member of the Andean Community and an associate member of Mercosur. The Andean Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act has enabled many Bolivian products to enter the American tax-free market. Bolivia is also a member of the Latin American Integration Association, whose main goals is the establishment of a common market, aimed at the economic and social development of the region.


Export/Import Requirements

Bolivia is a landlocked country, thus shipments are cleared at ports of entry in the surrounding countries. The country has free transit arrangements with ports in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay. The best port of entry is considered be Arica, in Chile. 

Bolivia uses a tariff based on the Harmonized Tariff System. For imports from LAIA countries, the Nomenclatura Arancelaria de la ALADI (NALADISA) tariff is used.

Most goods are subject to tariff rates between 10% and 20%. Non-essential capital goods are subject to a 5% tariff rate. Capital goods for industrial development may enter duty-free. Textiles and wooden furniture are subject to a 35% tariff rate.

Certain other items may enter duty-free. These items include: books and publications; gold (except jewelry), personal effects (under $300); goods belonging to the diplomatic and consular corps; imports under government contracts; imports entering under preferential trade agreements.

The following customs surcharges and additional taxes may apply:

  • 13 % value added tax based on CIF value of goods.
  • Inspection charge of 1.92% of FOB value
  • Transactions tax: 3% of CIF value plus VAT

Excise taxes (between 10 and 60 %) may apply to certain luxury items including: automobiles; household appliances; cosmetics; alcoholic beverages; tobacco, cigarettes, cigars; perfumes; jewels and semiprecious stones.


The contact information of Regional Customs Departments can be found here: