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Bosnia and Herzegovina Exports

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Bosnia and Herzegovina lies at the heart of the Balkans. In 2007, the country became a full member of the Central European Free Trade Agreement.

Most of Bosnia and Herzegovina's trade is with the European Union, and the nation profits from trade measures introduced by the EU. Thus more than 95 percent of all Bosnia and Herzegovina's exports including agricultural products enter the European Union quota and duty free. The country mostly exports clothing, metals and wood products.
Here are some benefits for companies exporting to Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • access to a huge market of 60 million consumers through Central European Free Trade Agreement

  • guaranteed free transfer of capital and free profit repatriation to foreign investors

  • preferential export regimes with the following markets: USA, New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway, Japan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Iran, Canada and Australia.

  • reformed banking sector dominated by foreign banks

Companies interested in doing business in Bosnia and Herzegovina should find a local partner who could be a distributor, sales agent or representative. Exporters should insist on advance payment, or have a confirmed letter-of-credit when doing business with a new local business partner.


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Bosnia and Herzegovina Imports

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Bosnia and Herzegovina lies at the heart of the Balkans. In 2007, the country became a full member of the Central European Free Trade Agreement. Principal exports of BiH include chemicals, machinery and equipment, fuels and food products.

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s main import products are machinery and transport equipment, mineral fuels, lubricants and similar products, chemical products, food and live animals. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s main import partners are Croatia, Germany, Italy, Serbia, China, Slovenia, Turkey and Austria.

It should be noted that Bosnia and Herzegovina has a significant foreign trade deficit with imports two times higher than exports. But as it has been recently announced Bosnia and Herzegovina import and export sector is set to receive a boost from business establishments from Malaysia. The main reasons behind this interest are massive regional market of BiH and various opportunities to investors and exporters in that country.

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Customs requirements of Bosnia and herzegovina

Bosnia Herzegovina Customs Contacts



Address: Regional centre Banja Luka Mladena Stojanovića 778 000 Banja Luka

Tel: +38751312009


Bosnia and Herzegovina is a member of Central European Free Trade Agreement. The country also has a signed Free Trade Agreement with Turkey. Bosnia and Herzegovina has preferential regimes with the European Union, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway, Russia, Japan and Canada. 


Import/Export Requirements

In Bosnia and Herzegovina import customs tariffs are: 0%, 5%, 10% and 15%, while 1% of customs value is paid for the purpose of customs registration. The tariff rate averages is 5.1%. 

Equipment being imported as part of share capital is exempt from paying customs duties. This exemption does not refer to passenger vehicles, slot and gambling machines. In order to enjoy this benefit, the foreign investor should submit a written request for exemption from paying import duties to the competent customs authority (according to the location of the company) along with the following documents:

- contract or other relevant document about the investment on the basis of which the equipment is being imported

- proof of registration of the foreign share (equipment) at the competent authority

- equipment of specification with tariff number, tariff mark (with quantity indication), single and total value, certified by the investor

- statement of the investor that the equipment is not older than 10 year age limit

- certificate of the competent institution confirming that the imported equipment complies with the environmental and employment protection standards.

The Customs Office issues a decision within 15 days upon submission of the request. 


Bosnia and Herzegovina has three common national-level food institutions: the State Veterinary Office, the Plant Health Administration, and the Food Safety Agency. The European Union has recommended the establishment of a national-level agricultural ministry, which will ensure that BIH has one competent food authority when negotiations for EU accession begin. In the absence of a national agricultural ministry, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations (MFTER) has taken the lead in food safety. An agricultural department supported with EU funds has been established within the MFTER, as the nucleus for the future agricultural ministry.


Standards and technical regulations

Bosnia and Herzegovina has its own set of standards known as the BAS Standard. However, all EU standards are recognised. The Institute for Standardization is the main body responsible for standards.

Labels must contain:

- name of the product

- full address of the importer and the country of origin

- net quantity/weight/volume

- ingredients

- manner of storage (transport, use, or maintenance)

- pertinent consumer warnings

Technically complex products must be accompanied by instructions on usage, manufacturer specifications, a list of authorised maintenance persons/businesses, warranty information, warranty period, and other applicable data.

All information must be translated into the languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina and affixed to, or accompanying the product.

Product certification is required in order to make sure that the product has undergone appropriate testing and that it conforms to relevant regulations.