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Haiti Exports

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Export Portal has made it easy for you to find international buyers for your products. If you are a Haitian exporter, you can post your trade leads and buyers who will find them interesting will get in touch. It is an efficient method to export your products made in Haiti to the qualified buyers. As for buyers interested in purchasing online products supplied by Haitian exporters, manufacturers and suppliers, Export Portal is your one stop destination. Browse through over 50 categories available on the portal to find Haitian coffee, Haitian cotton apparel, Haitian clothes made from wool or household goods.

Coffee is undoubtedly the main export product sold by the country abroad. In the late 1700's Haiti was even responsible for half of the world's supply of coffee. Being small by territory, the country is considered the most mountainous nation in the Caribbean. Mountains are not good for most agriculture, but they create ideal conditions for coffee growing. The higher the altitude, the bigger and harder the bean, the better the coffee. Nowadays, Haitian coffee is making a comeback on the international market as one of the finest coffee in the Caribbean region, if not "the" finest.

Haiti exports clothing, scrap metal, vegetable oils, dates and cocoa. Haiti’s main exports partners are United States, Dominican Republic and Netherland Antilles.

Export Portal is your best online source for selling and buying high-quality coffee and many other products made or cultivated in Haiti. Our greatest commitment is to help exporters, manufacturers, and companies planning to expand their business beyond their own borders by providing qualified international buyers with information about their products and services. The online portal makes your trading experience as safe and simple as possible.  


Haiti Imports

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Haiti is a free market economy that enjoys the advantages of low labor costs and tariff-free access to the US for many of its exports. Haiti imports rice, cotton fabric, vegetable oils, wheat, cane sugar, milk, iron and steel, chicken, vehicles and fuel. Haiti’s main imports partners are Dominican Republic, United States, Netherland Antilles and China.

Export Portal is committed to powering international business. Trading companies around the world are invited to engage in global business without any barriers in terms of country, region or language. If you are looking to import to Haiti, visit our online portal where you will find numerous trade leads, products catalogs with over thousand of subcategories, companies directories and community forums for exporters and importers worldwide.

Our greatest commitment is to facilitate global buyers and sellers to communicate and conduct trading activities anytime and anywhere in the world. Find quality Food Suppliers, Apparel Manufacturers, Vehicle Exporters, Wholesalers of Electronic Products and of course a great array of products to import them easily and safely in Haiti.

Export Portal is the meeting place for Haitian importers, buyers and sellers of all kinds of products.  

Customs requirements of Haiti

Haiti Customs Contact Information 


Phone: +509 2817 0382/ 28170268

Address: Departement de l'Ouest, Delmas ht6120, HAITI


Haiti is a country situated in North America, on the island of Hispaniola, in the Greater Antilles archipelago of the Caribbean. It occupies the western part of the island which it shares with the Dominican Republic. Haiti is a member of CARICOM, Latin Union, Organization of American States, Community of Latin American and Caribbean States. It is also seeking associate membership status in the African Union.


Haiti Export Procedure

Custom duties are not too high (from 0% to 20%), with the exception of oil (90%). The country does not have many trade barriers. However, custom duties on finished goods are higher than those on raw materials. 

Haiti Import Procedure

Customs at the port of entry requires a copy of the manifest at least 24 hours before shipment arrival. If a copy of the manifest is not received by the the Director General of Customs within that time, the shipment will be sent to the port of Port-au-Prince where it will be subject to physical inspection and document verification.

Goods that will be processed before being re-exported must be entered under the temporary import regime. A security deposit equivalent to one-and-one-half times the duties and applicable taxes is required in the form of a cheque de direction (banker's check), which will be released once the goods are re-exported.

Exporters should coordinate closely with their importers in Haiti regarding requirements.

Tariffs on agricultural goods range from 0 to 50%. Complete exemptions from duty apply for machinery, spare parts, semi-finished products, and items necessary for the promotion of the Haitian economy. 

Most products do not require an import license from the government.

Pharmaceuticals, firearms, and petroleum products do require an import license.

Agricultural products, food, weapons, and waste require government approval. 

Haiti does not hold membership in the ISO organization, nor does it maintain a national standards body, but it is informally connected to ISO Norms.