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Vatican City Exports

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The unique, noncommercial economy of the Vatican City is supported financially by contributions (known as Peter's Pence) from Roman Catholics throughout the world. The Vatican administers industrial, real estate, and artistic holdings valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Investments have been in a wide range of enterprises, with makers of contraceptives and munitions specifically excepted.

The country does not focus on building a strong economy and does not produce and products for export. Mosaics and staff uniforms are the two products exported abroad as a support for poor countries. Products for retail sale are primarily postage stamps, tourist souvenirs, and printed books, newspapers, magazines.

The Vatican imports electricity from Italy, but its essential part is produced by solar batteries

The Vatican is regularly visited by tourists in Rome, as well as by pilgrims attracted by the jubilees proclaimed by the pope every 25 years and by other special occasions. While there are no public accommodations in the Vatican, special inexpensive facilities are often arranged in Rome for pilgrims. No passport or identification is needed ordinarily for admission to the public parts of the Vatican.