Export Portal is shifting the way businesses purchase products from companies around the world. Our private blockchain system provides the safest and the most secured network to conduct global transactions.
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Buyers use Export Portal to shop for services or merchandise. Discover sellers around the world with verified products.

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Security and Verification

Our verification process assures global buyers that their purchase is legitimate and in safe hands all the time. To secure buyer’s transaction, Export Portal conducts rigorous verification process to ensure you work with legitimate sellers and manufacturers.

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Security and Verification
Payment Security

Customs and Warehouse

Through our EP Docs system, Export Portal ensures a smooth customs inspection by assisting sellers, buyers, and freight forwarders with all the necessary paperwork.

While items are awaiting customs clearance, they will be stored safely in a warehouse for inspection.

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Delivery and Payment

Once product passes customs inspection, merchandise will be delivered by certified freight forwarders.All payments are secured in a licensed financial institution and are distributed once transaction is completed.

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