Export Portal is an online B2B platform aiming to be a comprehensive international marketplace for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and their counterparts.

With our proprietary blockchain technology, we prioritize security, transparency, costeffectiveness, and ease-of-use, allowing our users to trade, network, and communicate with other verified companies and experts globally.

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Buyer Protection

  • Export Portal protects the entire payment process
  • Export Portal verifies shipment of goods before the seller gets paid

Process for Buyers

  • 1 The buyer places the product in their cart to create the order
  • 2 Then the buyer pays for the order in full, including the shipping charges
  • 3 The seller receives the payment when the product is shipped and arrives at the intended storage area
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Buyer protection
Seller protection

Seller protection

  • Export Portal makes sure buyer pays before the product is shipped
  • Export Portal arranges the shipping and after the product is shipped, the seller is paid

Process for Sellers

  • 1 The seller gets the order for the product
  • 2 The seller receives the instructions to fulfill the shipping of the product
  • 3 After product verification, the paperwork is prepared, and the product is shipped
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Why choose
export portal?


Export Portal ensures that all Sellers undergo an elaborate verification process. For added safety, our advanced verification process allows potential sellers to become Verified Sellers. We have also developed product safety verification for a more reliable buying experience.


Whether you are buying or selling, Export Portal ensures you receive the correct product or are paid for your product. Connecting buyers and sellers through the portal ensures that everything is above board.


Export Portal has both export and import professionals waiting to answer any questions you may have and help facilitate the whole trade transaction. You will have the opportunity to get professional assistance at every stage. Export Portal acts as a facilitator to help you from start to finish.

24/7 Quality

We continue to expand our services to assist small businesses in unlocking new opportunities. Export Portal is always available to help you with all your business needs.

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What customers
say about us

Jennifer Broadley
by Jennifer So Informative

I love that Export Portal has tons of educational material for me to read up on. It makes me feel like I’m more prepared for trading internationally.

15 Jun, 2020 12:22
Petal Chi
by Petal Love the expert panel!

I have a lot of questions because this is my first time trading on this scale. The expert panel is full of super friendly and knowledgeable people who just about always have an answer for me.

24 Apr, 2020 08:24