Upgrade benefits
Get access to unlimited business growth and trade exposure by becoming a certified user on Export Portal.

Export Portal is the newest and safest international trading platform with the aim to support SMEs and give the online space to international sellers who are eager to expand their business to absolutely new markets. As a global marketplace, we offer to our groups of sellers a large variety of options which lead to a broader promotion of the company/business, having raise of income as a final result.

On our website, you can join one of the following types of users with the possibility to sell online:
- Sellers - Businesses who have goods ready to be sold to the global market
- Manufacturers - Businesses who fabricate goods for sale

For users who want to improve their trade indicators, our website offers the option that allows Verified Sellers and Manufacturers to become Certified.

Main certification benefits

When verified manufacturers/sellers boost their membership to certified manufacturer/seller, they are able to gain more customers and trust of different international companies. User certification on Export Portal not only provides sellers and manufacturers with featured products - being certified gives your business credibility. See the main differences between Verified and Certified Users:

Verification Feature
Personal Store
Unlimited Number of Items
B2B Requests
"Offers" Option
"Estimate" Option
“Inquiry” Option
Production Request Option
“Prototypes” Option
“Feature Products” Option
“Highlight Products” Option
Indicate Business Location
Itemize Product Capacity
Online Store Upgrade
Posts on the Store Page
Company Certification
Personal Store Link
Get Market Research Updates
Dedicated posts on Export Portal’s social platforms
B2B Matchmaking with interested buyers
Exclusive interview & feature on Export Portal’s blog
Dedicated promotional email campaign
Spotlight in our newsletter
Fast-pass support with dedicated Export Portal client agent
Marketing suggestions and help
Verified Seller
Verified Manufacturer
Certified Seller
Certified Manufacturer
EP Certification
User Certification gives you the opportunity to be:
  • Get social media assistance and connect your account to personal social pages
  • Get assistance in uploading photos, videos, news and events
  • Advertise your products on Export Portal’s partner websites for free
  • Get a free membership with EXIMA, Export Portal’s main partner
  • Obtain special Export Portal Certificate, showing your global coverage
  • Become Certified