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Export Portal is shifting the way businesses sell internationally. The private blockchain system on our online selling portal provides the safest and the most secure network to conduct global transactions.
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Sell Internationally with Export Portal
Product Manufacturing


Sellers use Export Portal to feature all products and services. Attract more buyers when you upload product description and images.

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Security and Verification

We incorporate a verification process that guarantees you are dealing with legitimate buyers, and freight forwarders on our online selling portal.

Buyers’ payments are held in escrow, while we facilitate product verification.

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Security and Verification
Customs and Warehouse

Customs and Warehouse

Export Portal assists sellers, buyers, and forwarders when it comes to abiding to procedures and protocols to customs and laws of countries.

Merchandise is stored safely in a warehouse until it clears customs inspection, as stipulated in the contract between the buyer and seller.

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Delivery and Payment

Delivery and Payment

Once product passes customs inspection, merchandise will be delivered by certified freight forwarders.

All payments are held in escrow by a licensed financial institution on our online buying portal until product is shipped and delivered.

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