Culture and Policy

Our vision of business

Our business vision is to keep the highest standards of international trade. Export Portal instills a culture of promoting and assisting small businesses worldwide. Honesty and transparency are virtues we embrace.
We seek to aid exporters and importers navigate through all the paperwork, laws, regulations, exceptions that vary from country to country. By assisting both parties with trusted experts, we aim to make the whole transaction safe and hassle-free.
Buyer and Seller protection
Equal Protection for Buyers and Sellers
Efforts have been made to ensure transactions are as fair as possible, which includes safeguards, for the parties involved. By requiring Buyers to pay upfront and verifying the Seller’s shipment, we can ensure parties are equally protected. If complications arise on either front, we will work with both parties to find an agreeable solution.
Arranging International Shipping
One of the most difficult logistical problems is negotiating international shipping. The logistical process becomes complicated if the parties involved are unfamiliar with each country’s shipping rules and regulations. To alleviate your shipping worries, we will arrange the international shipping for you.
International shipping
Trade business
Assisting with all Paperwork
Once all agreements for purchase and sale have been gathered, there are still mountains of paperwork to be completed for the safe transfer of products. We help you through the entire process and give proper guidance so you will have a smooth transaction.
Assuring the Proper implementation of Insurance
When shipping products internationally, there are several risks, and there are a dozen types of insurance to cover these risks. To ensure you have the proper coverage at the lowest possible price, we assist you in negotiating and implementing the appropriate insurance coverage.
Customer support
International business
Exceed International Business Trade Standards
Countries have their unique standards and requirements for trade. If you are unfamiliar with the regulations or trade standards, you may not be able to get your product out of or into the required country. When you work with our experts, you will have all the necessary information you will need to avoid overpaying and shipping delays.

Laws and Rules

We аbide by all regulations for international transactions.
Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Export Portal is committed to ensuring everyone involved in a transaction complies with all export and import laws and adheres to international business standards. Our commitment requires we conduct our business per all applicable laws and regulations.
Integrity and Compliance

Integrity and Compliances

We mandate our employees to conduct business with outside parties with integrity and professionalism. We do not tolerate any form of unethical or unlawful conduct. Our stakeholders are vital to us, and we value their concerns. Contact us for questions or guidance regarding business practices or questionable behavior.
Laws and Rules

Personal Information

When leaving a complaint or question, we encourage you to provide your name, contact information, and relevant details of your complaint. We handle inquiries discreetly and maintain confidentiality, within limits permissible by law, of any report. We do not tolerate any form of retribution or retaliation taken against any person, who has, in good faith, provided information or otherwise assisted in an investigation regarding questionable behavior.