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Cork and Articles of Cork

Export Portal is your bestonline shopping experience for cork and articles of cork. Buy online products ranging from wine corks and cork fabricto cork flooring and cork rolls.

Export Portal offers articles of cork for all applications. Corks, being a perfect natural closure to seal bottles, barrels or jars, are used for approximately 80 percent of bottles of wine. Browse a huge selection of wine corks, cork stoppers, tapered corks, granulated cork, wine stoppers, T-corks and cork balls available in different styles and quantities.Wine corks are also perfect for various craft projects like bulletin boards, art projects, wine cork wreaths and others.

Cork flooring, a natural product, has become a popular option among many home owners. Beautiful cork floorswarm and enrich any interior. Check out cork floors at Export Portal available in various sizes, colors and styles including cork mosaic flooring and cork floating floors.

Export Portal also features the warmth and natural beauty of cork fabric. Cork fabric or cork leather is a natural, environmentally friendly product. It is easy washable, durable and of course highly fashionable.As to composition cork rolls and sheets, they can be used for flooring underlayment, gasket materials, bulletin board material or crafts. Export Portal offers you cork rolls in various sizes, grain densities and thicknesses.


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