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Homebuilt Aircraft Kits and Plans

The Homebuilt Aircraft Kits and Plans page on Export Portal is a very nice place for you as here you have the possibility to build according to your preferences.

The world of homebuilt aircraft itself, officially known in the United States as Experimental Amateur-Built Aircraft, has existed as long as powered flight. Even the Wright brothers were homebuilders, since they didn’t rely on a factory to construct their airplanes. They, like the homebuilders of today, used their own abilities and craftsmanship to construct safe and efficient flying machines.

Tens of thousands of homebuilt aircraft fly throughout the world, every of them built by a different height, length, width, shape, colour and minuscule characteristics, not noticeable to a naked eye, but important to the buyer. A significant number of homebuilt aircraft have flown around the globe and one, the Voyager in 1986, was the first airplane ever to fly around the world non-stop on a single tank of fuel.

Buy Experimental amateur-built aircraft online, the fastest growing segment of new aircraft in the United States, often called “homebuilts”, because they are typically built in people’s garages and basements according to purchased items and materials. Amateur built aircraft are built by individuals and certificated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as “experimental amateur-built” (E-AB).

The homebuilt movement started from simple, single-place tube-and-fabric airplanes 60 years ago to today's wide spectrum of aircraft that feature plans- and kit-built models. No matter the airplane project, one thing remains constant – homebuilt aircraft provide a path where nearly anyone can pursue their personal dream of flight.

Export Portal is a true hand of help in pursuing. It works internationally with verified users, exporters and importers. Look for what is listed on the page, enquire for more, receive from what you chose.