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Many businesses consider helicopters to be an important asset for their companies, first of all because of their ability to get in and out of places faster than spending hours stuck in jams. If your company needs a helicopter, then browse through hundreds of options Export Portal has available including Aerospatiale, Agusta Helicopter, Enstrom, Hughes Helicopter, Robinson, Rotorway, Schweizer and many other popular helicopters. Helicopter listings include year, make and model, condition, number of seats, registration number and many have photos available of the helicopters for sale.


From new to pre-owned helicopters, Export Portal Helicopters Department is your online source for purchasing your future helicopter, either you are a new station looking for a traffic helicopter, a business or private individual looking for transportation or a hospital looking for a medical transport. Find great quality and great value helicopters across the globe. Export Portal will help you arrange delivery of your new helicopter to just any country of the world.