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Export Portal Responds To US Small Business Administration Linda McMahon's 1% Export Statistic At United Nations

17 May, 2017 09:02

GLENDALE, Calif., May 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- At a recent gathering of American business leaders at the United Nations, US Small Business Administrator Linda McMahon stated that nearly 29 million small businesses in America are "The engine of our economy." However, McMahon continues that only 1% of all of America's small businesses are exporters.

Export Portal & want Administrator McMahon to know that we feel the pain of this statistic. There is no script when it comes to being scammed by overseas buyers, but Export Portal has spent the past seven years putting together the best blockchain trade solution on the market to solve all the questions business people have about exporting goods.

Export Portal's E-Commerce platform is rapidly expanding in international markets and US companies are well known for producing quality products. The United States cannot just turn on the hiring spigot and increase manufacturing without buyers and the "96% of the world's consumers and over three-quarters of the world's purchasing power" that are outside of the country.  We hear you Administrator McMahon. We want the value or stock price of all US companies to go up, not down.

What's best for all of America is best for business, and no one in America wants to ever hear the phrase, "You're fired." Export Portal invites small and medium sized businesses across America to increase this 1% exporting statistic by joining for free!

Tap in to our ecosystem and tap out the fear of international expansion when you tag team with global businesses.

Export Portal - The online trading website with buyer protection. 

For more information, visit or call at (800) 289-0015.

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