Export Urges American Businesses To Explore Growing Chinese Market With Export Portal's Private Blockchain Technology!

06/19/2017 12:16 PM

GLENDALE, Calif., June 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2017 US first quarter economy is at its weakest in three years. A once great, industrialized city of Detroit is a heartbreaking example of setbacks and forgotten promises. Detroit, a city hobbled with poverty and unemployment, struggles to recover from its deindustrialization.

Opening Detroit's economy to exports can help revitalize and boost its ailing economy. Export Portal is lending its hand to Detroit small businesses, farmers, and entrepreneurs who are seeking new ways of reaching out to a global audience. As an online marketplace with a global clientele of buyers seeking high-quality products from the US, verified sellers and manufacturers use the portal as their online showroom.

According to Export Portal CEO Ally Spinu, "We fully support and encourage entrepreneurs who are expanding their market internationally. This is an amazing opportunity for the people of Detroit, the United States, and the rest of the world to take advantage of the burgeoning technology in this private blockchain trade space." Export Portal encourages the State of Michigan as well as businesses, farmers, and entrepreneurs across the nation to invest its resources on exporting quality products to the rest of the world. Entrepreneurs who have never exported to foreign markets can generate employment through the Export Portal ecosystem.

Export Portal utilizes the best private blockchain trade solution to help secure a safer, smoother, and faster transactions on a global scale. This private blockchain system protects thousands of businesses from being hacked or scammed by fraudulent companies. A private blockchain system prevents previous instances of international transactions where an entrepreneur lost $24,000 because a manufacturer provided subpar, unverified products.

A future Detroit conference is set to call on all Detroit businesses to explore the growing Chinese middle class and take advantage of the "China opportunity".

Unlike some e-commerce companies that do not have proper business and product quality assurance, Export Portal uses a meticulous verification process and guarantees its buyers that the businesses they trade with and products they purchase are all verified. Their system ensures that while all information is disseminated to all parties involved, the details are protected and tamperproof.

The rapidly growing Chinese middle class market cannot wait for top quality American-made products. Export Portal is on the forward tip of the Fourth Industrial Revolution changing the way all businesses worldwide can trust one another because it is in the DNA of our platform.

For more information, visit or call at (800) 289-0015.

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