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$ 40.00
$ 36.00
36.00 USD
/ Bag
*Real price for payment is $ 36.00
Biotech Food Enterprises
$ 36.00
2 Kg
  • Departure point:Tanzania, Ilala
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Food and Agricultural Produce Nuts
No b2b info.

Product information

  • Brand:ImAnI
  • Condition:cooked
  • Ingredients:Cashew nuts and table salt only
  • Package type:Nylon Bag
  • Quantity per package:N/A
  • Total Quantity:N/A
  • Total weight:400 Kg
  • Type:Organic
  • Weight per package:2 Kg


Processed cashews mixed with normal salt. Quality and standards observed! 95% Organic cashew nuts, very tasty, sweet and devourable. Comes in an air tyte nylon bag.

Whether your are at the beach, tour, home or office a bag of these cashew nuts will boost you moods and help you get friends/strengthen relationships.




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