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$ 110.00
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101.20 USD
/ Piece
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$ 101.20
3 Kg
  • Departure point:Pakistan, Kasur
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Product information

  • Appearance:Antique
  • Brand Name:Nano
  • Condition:New
  • Folded:Yes
  • Material:COW LEATHER

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What can be more luxurious than a natural cow leather hide?

Every cowhides rug is unique to us and we treat it as a single being!Please expect some difference between the pictures on the site and the ones actually shipped.We feature pictures of the actual cowhide rugs according to its category being a generic picture. We will try to match hides that look as similar as possible to the generic color and pattern categories and the size you select according to the available space or budget. Since cowhides are a natural product, color patterns are never identical and sizes vary from animal to animal as they carry unique genes making them apart from each other which cannot be cloned.

TANNING (PRESERVATION) OF THE HIDESA properly tanned cowhide rug should last for the rest of our lives, never cracking or shedding in all this time.

Our hides are tanned as per international standards and comply with basic qualities that needs to be imparted to the leather that is long lasting non deteriorating and easy to clean.

Please refer to Wikipedia

Usually low priced cow hide rugs cracks or sheds in just a few short years, that is because of improper preservation and non scientific approach towards the manufacturing and handling of raw hides by people who do not know the chemical reactions which occur naturally one the animal is slaughtered.

Our cow hide rugs will never do that! Properly tanned cowhides are practically indestructible. Once again, properly cared for, your cowhide rug should last a life time.


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