curcumin or turmeric starch

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Product information

  • Brand: TMC curcumin turmeric
  • Condition: dried
  • Ingredients: 100% pure curcumin or turmeric starch
  • Package type: plastic bag
  • Quantity per package: 1
  • curcumin or turmeric starch: PURE, NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, NO MIXING IMPURITIES



Curcumin or turmeric starch is pure, extracted from 100% fresh Curcumin planted in Dak Lak, a rich land area of Vietnam

Processing: Fresh curcumin/turmeric -> cleaning -> peeling -> cutting -> grinding -> pressing to get water -> keeping that liquid in 4 hours -> using membrane filter to get curcumin/turmeric liquid -> keeping and waiting in 3 hours -> Rejecting layer above and getting layer below -> desiccated in temperate from 20 -25 degree -> curcumin/turmeric starch


-      1. Anticoagulants/Antiplatelets

-      2. Anti-depressants

-      3. Anti-inflammatories

-      4. Arthritis management 

-      5. Cancer treatment 

-      6. Diabetes management 

-      7. Gastrointestinal treatments

-      8. Cholesterol regulators 

-      9. Painkillers 


-      10. Steroids 

How to use instant curcumin or turmeric starch:

- Mixing curcumin/turmeric starch with fresh milk

- Mixing curcumin/turmeric starch with honey bee


- Mixing curcumin/turmeric starch with warm water and using every morning



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